Canada, one of the most livable countries in the world, is one of the leading centers of English education. As the official languages ​​are English and French, it is the most preferred country for those who want to learn more than one language. Another advantage of Canada is that it is a country where the American exam system TOEFL and the British exam system IELTS exam preparation courses can be found together.

The most popular cities for language schools in Canada are Vancouver and Toronto. In addition, there are English language schools in cities such as Montreal, Calgary and Ottowa. Canadian language schools offer many programs such as General English, Intensive English, Academic Term Programs, TEOFL, IELTS Exam Preparation Programs, Business English Courses.

There are many different accommodation options for students in Canada. Homestay accommodation is the most preferred accommodation alternative because it offers students the opportunity to practice with native English-speaking families and to get to know Canadian culture closely. In addition, there are many options such as student dormitories and apartments.

As World17 Education list of language schools in Canada, we have been representing is included below. You can access detailed information and a picture gallery by clicking on the profile of each language school.

EC – Toronto

EC – Montreal

EC – Vancouver

ESC – Toronto

CLLC – Halifax

CLLC – Ottawa

CLLC – Toronto

Camber College

CES – Toronto

English Encounters

DEA Canadian College

Hansa Language Center

Inlingua Victoria