The School District is the main institution to all primary and high schools in the region in which it is located in Canada are affiliated. This institution is responsible for all schools and activities in the region and city where it is located.

These schools are open to international students as well as Canadian students. Currently, many international students study in these schools.

These schools have many support units that local and international students can consult, and orientation programs are provided when an international student is new to the country. The quality of schools and teachers is frequently monitored.

Scholarship opportunities are offered to international primary or high school students who are successful in their courses.

There are consultancy services for students who will receive education for post-secondary education. Students can easily get information about the departments and universities they want to go to from the consultants.

Accommodation Opportunities

Each school district has a self-run accommodation unit. Students are placed with a Canadian family. Families are carefully selected for primary or high school students placed with their families. These families are responsible for the food, drink and health needs of the student in Canada. It is possible to change the family in case of any problem that may occur after the settlement.

In addition to serving international students, School Districts also provide orientation services to families who come with their children. English, French courses or cultural trips are organized to help families get to know Canadian culture and surroundings.

If you want to go to primary school, high school education or ESL / FSL courses in Canada, School District is an institution that you can easily choose as an international student.

School District 48

Abbotsford School District


Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools Highschool (School District No. 68)