High School Education Abroad

High school students may prefer high school education abroad in order to improve their language level in English or the native language of their preferred country and to adapt to university study abroad easily. Studying high school abroad and graduating from a foreign high school, getting a diploma from this high school and continuing to undergraduate education in the relevant country will provide great advantages to the student.
Students studying abroad in the last year of high school can obtain a high school diploma. This application is mostly valid for America and Canada. For this reason, especially for students who want to study in the United States or Canada, high school placements are made by our expert consultants to high schools that can give a high school diploma, prepare students for SAT exams or give AP (Advance Placement) courses.
Homestay accommodation and dormitory accommodation options in boarding schools are available as accommodation alternatives in high schools. According to the preferred type of accommodation, students can stay with their family or in a dormitory, live under the same roof with people from different cultures, and achieve their personal development with language practice in the same atmosphere.

St. Michaels University School

Fort Erie International Academy

FH International High School