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St. Michaels University

St. Michaels University School

Welcome to St. Michaels University School.

We invite you to discover more about our independent school and the education we offer. Located in Victoria, BC, we have a diverse boarding program for Grades 8-12 and our day students join us for Kindergarten up to graduation. We are an international community defined by our passion for education.

St. Michaels University School is a great place to be a student.
That’s because we believe passionately that the most important lessons — both intellectual and personal — enable our students to discover who they are as individuals as well as who they have the potential to become.

We also recognize that the path to excellence will be different for each of us, which is why we are highly adaptable in our approach to education.

Junior School


We're known for our academic rigour, which we tailor for every stage of learning.

Reggio-Emilia Inspired

This globally-recognized educational philosophy informs our learning experience.

Leadership and Service

We're all potential leaders. We start laying the foundation of these skills in Kindergarten.

Arts and Athletics

We introduce a wide range of activities with a focus on participation and play.

Student Life

We offer a wide range of activities and clubs to help students discover their passions.

Supporting Young Learners

The transition to school is significant. Supporting this adjustment is what we do well.

Parent Involvement

Children are always learning. That's why we value teacher and parent partnerships.

Cross-Campus Connections

We design our program to connect students between Kindergarten to Grade 12.
Middle School


Learning is hands-on with a project-based approach to turn ideas into action.

Student Life

Our small school offers a variety of experiences in a close-knit environment.

Leadership and Service

We focus on character education as much as academic lessons.

Arts and Athletics

We offer a wide range of activities and clubs to help students discover their passions.

Supporting Learners

Students take ownership of their learning, with our dedicated staff helping and guiding them.

Cross-Campus Connections

We look for ways to engage across grades, easing the transition to Senior School.
Senior School


Our academic rigour will help you prepare for post-secondary learning.

Advanced Placement Program

We offer 27 AP programs in one of Canada's most established programs.


Creativity is welcome here, whether yours comes out on stage or behind an easel.


Choose from 13 competitive sports and take part in fun recreational opportunities.

Leadership and Service

Grow your skills through experiences on campus, in the community and internationally.

Outdoor Education

Take your learning out of the classroom and enjoy a variety of outdoor opportunities.

Student Life

We offer a wide range of activities and clubs to help you discover your passions.

Supporting Learners

From university prep to our on-campus Health Centre, our staff are here to help you.
At St. Michaels University School, we believe that language should not be a barrier to any student who wants an outstanding education and the skills to excel at any university in the world. With that goal in mind, we offer a two-year English Language Learning (ELL) boarding program, starting in Grade 9.


To be successful academically, students need to learn a more sophisticated level of English than the level they need for social interaction. There is an entire body of vocabulary and usage specific to subject areas such as social studies, science, and math that makes learning academic English a complex process. Research shows that it takes five to seven years of intensive English study to master academic English, compared to one to two years for social language learning.

Success in academic English requires the following skills:

  • using subject vocabulary appropriately; reading textbook content with understanding; being able to describe, classify, evaluate, and sequence information; writing in a clear and well-organized way; understanding how to make choices or determine the principles of comparing and contrasting, or cause and effect; and being able to go beyond literal comprehension.

Our ELL Approach

Our approach in teaching these skills is to immerse English language learners with non-ELL students in subjects such as math, art, music and athletics, while providing a separate, sheltered environment for learning English and social studies. The ELL classroom is staffed by specialist teachers who are dedicated to the success of their students, providing strong support in the classroom as well as one-on-one attention at lunch and after school. Our proven curriculum focuses not only on academic English, but on the cultural awareness and learning strategies students will need to develop their full potential. By Grade 11, ELL students are fully integrated with their peers. Those who need additional help beyond the ELL program can take a transitional English class in Grade 11 and there is also an intensive writing class for all non-English speakers.
External Programs
St. Michaels University School's External Programs department offers an array of education extension courses and programs for all students including those outside the SMUS community. Programs run after school, during school breaks, and over the summer.
  • Holiday Camps: Ages 4-15 - Available in winter, spring and summer ELL Summer Program: Ages 10-17 - Available in summer Customized Group ESL Programs: Ages 12-18 - Available in summer Summer Music Academies: Ages 12-18 - Available in summer SAT Workshop: Ages 16-18 - Available throughout the school year
Instructors, specialists in their own specific area of expertise, bring knowledge and passion to our outstanding programs. From holiday activities to language development to overseas exchanges, there are many ways for young learners to experience a part of SMUS.
Post-Secondary Preparation
Our University Counselling program actively supports the School’s central mission of preparation for higher learning and for life. Through a variety of activities, experiences, and interactions, students have the opportunity to explore the options for their academic choices in high school, post-secondary plans and potential career pathways. We believe that every student has the skills and ability to chart their own path, with support and guidance from trusted sources. Parents, teachers, and advisors play an essential role in this process and we encourage students to have conversations about their hopes and plans, and to bring new insights to the planning process. Each Grade 10-12 student’s academic advisor also functions as their university counsellor, and stays with the student for as long as they are at the school. We help them through the process of researching, deciding on, and applying to university programs of interest and we support students to take ownership of this process. 96% of our graduates enter a four-year degree program at university or college, at destinations close to Victoria and around the world. In recent years, 15% of our graduates have gone to American colleges, 10% to other international destinations, and 75% have chosen to attend Canadian post-secondary institutions, with the majority of those students selecting universities in Ontario. We support students to apply to any university, in any country. We encourage students to consider their post-secondary plan as their first step on a career path. Indeed, the economic and technological outlooks tell us that many of the jobs these students will end up in have not yet been created. We talk with students about how they can identify and start to hone the employment skills that will make them valuable employees (such as those identified by the World Economic Forum), both while at the school and at university. We encourage them to seek post-secondary institutions that are a good fit for their individual attributes as a learner, program interests, finances and preferred living environment. We encourage them to select a university where they will thrive as students and as young adults embarking on a new life path.

If you’re thinking about attending boarding school, your biggest question is probably, “Where will I live?”

SMUS boarders live in bright, furnished rooms that are shared between two roommates (you and one student). You don’t have to share an overpopulated dorm and there are no bunk-beds. We are serious about your privacy, so your room also has a private bathroom – that means no communal showers and no large dormitory bathrooms at SMUS – which is uncommon for a boarding school.

There are 21 rooms in each boarding house. Boys and girls live in separate houses but get to share a common room where you’ll find TVs, games, computers, a kitchen and lots of great friends to socialize with.

What’s in each room?

As a boarding student at SMUS you will have:

Your own room key
An extra-long single bed (no bunk-beds at SMUS)
A bedside table with lockable drawer
A desk with lockable drawer
A chair
Wall-mounted bookshelves and storage
A wardrobe for your clothes
A bulletin board

Each boarding room at SMUS has:

A private bathroom (with a sink, shower, toilet and mirror)
High-speed internet connection and WiFi
A telephone connection
A thermostat to control the temperature of your room
A large window (with blinds) for natural light

Your Roommate

Who will I be living with? Having a roommate is your opportunity to make a best friend for life.

Your House

There are six boarding houses at SMUS, and although they enjoy a friendly rivalry, there is a close connection between all the houses.

House­parents & Support

The houseparent system at SMUS means there is always someone looking out for you and able to offer help and guidance.

Evenings & Weekends

Evenings and weekends are a chance to explore new passions and get involved in the community.

Living in Victoria

Victoria is the perfect city to be a student – safe and friendly but with lots to do.


Everybody loves good food! SMUS is committed to providing you with a diet that allows you to benefit the most from your education.

Fees, Cost & Scholarships

If you think boarding school is beyond your financial means – think again! There are a range of ways in which SMUS can make boarding school more affordable.