Language education in the UK is a frequently preferred location because it is the homeland of English. Another reason is that England has experience in English Language Education and also hosts high-quality and well-established institutions. Thousands of students from all over the world come to England every year to receive language education in the UK and this number is increasing rapidly every day. However, the UK is the best alternative for students who want to learn a neat and clean British accent.

With its busy social life in England, it is ideal for students to especially practice. Turkey to provide significant advantages to be close to Turkish students and their families. Students who want to attend language schools must attend a program of at least 15 hours per week.

Language schools in England are located in many cities, especially London, Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge. Only language schools approved by institutions such as British Council, English UK, IALC, Quality English, Equals can accept international students.

England is the country with the most language courses in the world, so it is very easy for students considering language education abroad to find many different options in England in terms of both quality and price.

Language schools in England offer many programs such as General English, Intensive English, Academic Term Programs, TEOFL, IELTS Exam Preparation Programs, Business English Courses, Summer Schools.

There are many different accommodation options for students in the UK. Homestay accommodation is the most preferred accommodation alternative, as it offers students the opportunity to practice with native English-speaking families and to get to know British culture closely. In addition, there are many options such as student dormitories and apartments.

Life in England is very comfortable for students. Transportation in England is done by public transport and bicycle. It is possible to reach almost every point of the city and country where the education is taken by public transportation.

As World17 Education list of language schools in United Kingdom we have been representing is included below. You can access detailed information and picture gallery by clicking on the profile of each language school.

CES – Oxford

CES – Worthing

CES – London

CES – Harrotage

CES – Edinburgh

Westbourne Academy

Burlington School

Britannia English Academy




Inlingua Cheltenham