Inlingua Cheltenham

Inlingua Cheltenham

Learn English in the Heart of England

Cheltenham has a population of 120,000 and the people who live here are predominately English in this very ‘typical’ English town. The people of Cheltenham have no discernible accent, so the English spoken is clear and understandable.

Why choose inlingua Cheltenham?

Full English Immersion

Cheltenham is a typical English town where you can experience real English life and culture, students will be taught by an Native speaking teacher and stay in an Native speaking family; a true immersion programme.


Cheltenham has no discernible accent, so the English spoken is clear and understandable.

Central Location

The school is based in the centre of Cheltenham, only 50 metres away from the main high street. Cheltenham is centrally located in the UK with easy access to other destinations like: Bristol, Oxford, Bath, Cardiff and Birmingham.

Safe Area

The town has a very low crime rate and students will feel safe in the town centre and suburban areas. It is currently a Purple Flag are of the UK which means it is safe and secure.


Accommodation for students is either a walk or a short bus journey away. Students will be impressed how quick and easy it is to get around the town, either walking to school or going home at night to their homestay.

Non EFL Town

We are the only private English language school locally, which provides maximum exposure to the language, culture and people.

General English (LSP)

If you need to improve your English for school, work or socialising, then a General English course is a good choice for you. Taking lessons in a small group provides a sociable space in which to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening and take personalised advice from your teacher.

At inlingua Cheltenham, General English courses are available all year round. Our LSP 20 and LSP 30 classes comply with UKVI regulations to meet the number of hours required for study and feature the following:

  • Morning lessons focus on new grammar and vocabulary
  • Afternoon lessons enhance skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing or include conversation topics like Business English or role plays
  • Start any Monday (Classes Monday to Friday)
  • Small class sizes: Maximum of 10 all year round, 12 in July and August
  • Levels: Elementary to Advanced
  • Minimum age: 16

You can also study for exams such as: FCE, CAE and IELTS in group lessons on set dates of the year. Additionally if these dates are not convenient or we do not offer group lessons in that exam, we can offer you the option of purchasing extra one-to-one lessons.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS is becoming one of the most important exams for English language learners required by UK and US universities and by the UKVI who require this qualification from a designated SELT (Secure English Language Testing) centre.

The intensive English course LSP 30 offers General English in the morning with more academic skills work and IELTS exam strategies in the afternoons.

FCE/CAE Preparation

Cheltenham itself is a preparation centre for many ESOL exams which provide a recognised English language qualification that are acceptable to schools, universities and employers worldwide. You can prepare for the exam and take the exam in Cheltenham.

The intensive English course LSP 30 offers General English in the morning and Academic English in the afternoons which includes FCE and CAE Preparation in separate classes.

Please note: that if you are looking to achieve a particular score, we will test your English ability online before accepting your booking for this course to ensure that your goal is realistic.

English for Customer Service, Hospitality and Internship

This course is designed for students who wish to combine studying English with Customer Service and Hospitality, and is specifically targeted towards the following types of clients who are dealing with the public at large events such as International Sporting or Entertainment Event, hospitality, and tourism.

Course Objectives

  • An increase of English vocabulary, structures and phrases in contexts relevant to the student within Hospitality and Events Management. There will also be an emphasis on any language or skills that the student most wants to improve.
  • Participation in a variety of internationally mixed activities both inside and outside the classroom to enhance and consolidate the language and grammatical structures learnt in lessons.
  • Customer Service English skills and vocabulary with an emphasis on Speaking.

What the course includes:

  • Choose from 20 or (remove) 30 lessons a week
  • Work Experience Placement/Internship for 50% of your stay in Hospitality or Customer
  • All materials are provided and included in the price
  • Full Health and Travel Insurance
Summer School

English Extra Summer Programme

This is an all-inclusive package that mixes learning and fun. This is the place to be if students are looking for a summer vacation to remember and yet satisfy parents in their search for educational value in safe surroundings. The course suits individuals and groups and offers a complete package of lessons, leisure, excursions and an excellent English host family.

The package is available between 15.06.20 and 21.08.20 and includes per week:

  • 20 EFL lessons (0900 – 1215)
  • 5 afternoon activities
  • 4 evening activities
  • Friday barbecue
  • 1 full day excursion
  • 1 half day excursion
  • Half board homestay in a single or twin room
General and Business English (GBE)

Do you wish to benefit from the best of General and Business English with experienced professionals? Our course provides a mixture of both classes all on our Cheltenham campus.

In the mornings you will develop your General English language skills in the main school. In the afternoons you will focus on Business language and skills with our corporate clients in a mini-group session in the Business Centre. Our dedicated business specialists will design a course in the afternoon that will suit your needs.

  • Number of lessons/hours: 30 or 40 lessons per week (22.5 or 30 hours) Please see our timetable
  • Course Dates: All year round, start any Monday (please note our Bank Holidays)
  • Maximum class size: 10 (General English) + 5 (Business English)
  • Minimum stay: 1 week
  • Lesson location: General English in the Main School and Business English in the Business Centre
  • Level taught: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Age: Adults, 21 and above
  • This course also offers a FREE BULATS language level test.

BULATS is a recognised business English examination for many multi-national companies across Europe and could help your career prospects for the future school preparation.

Study Tour and Mini Stays Courses

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

These courses are designed specifically for the client. They are attractive to school groups, college students, university students, teachers groups, institutional organisations or company employees. The courses are tailor-made to the requirements and specifications of each individual group, they are designed around a theme or particular experience the group wishes to enjoy during their stay.

inlingua Cheltenham can organise everything for your stay, once you have arrived in the UK. The course can last as long as you want from 5 to 14 days, or longer if you wish. Prices start from GBP 395 per person per week inclusive of course, accommodation, transfers and social programme.

All Tailor-Made group proposals are different and therefore individually priced. If you would like a group quote please contact us. You will be surprised by the variety of options you have around the Cheltenham area and beyond. Cheltenham is an excellent base for your course with a wide selection of excursions and activities available for the student.

  • Please note that our maximum class size is 12 students and we will clearly stipulate the number of lessons and hours quoted in the programme.

Below are just some examples of programmes we can run for you.

  • English for Teachers
  • Teaching Methodology for Teachers
  • Company Visits
  • Professional Development
  • School Integration
  • English for Shakespeare
  • English for Drama

Tailor-made courses can include:

  • Company Visits
  • Professional Development
  • School Integration days
  • Drama workshops with trained actors
  • Work Experience
English 50+ Gardens and Culture

This course is specially designed for the mature student and includes English lessons in the morning and visiting places of interest in the afternoon.

Morning classes will include topics and language related to the afternoon trips. For the afternoon trips one of our teachers will use their extensive local knowledge to put together a programme that suits you and the group. Exploring the areas that the stunning Cotswolds has to offer is the highlight of the programme.

  • Number of lessons: 20 lessons (15 hours) per week Monday to Friday (Please note our bank holidays)
  • Accommodation: Included in quoted cost
  • Excursions: Included in quoted cost
  • Level taught: Elementary to Advanced
  • Enrolment: Available to individuals and groups
  • Minimum stay: 1 week
  • Age Range: Mature
Work Experience
  • Start Any Monday (please note Bank Holidays as this may affect the start date of placement)
  • Minimum level: Intermediate
  • Minimum age: 18

Students are not obliged to take a language course with inlingua Cheltenham, prior to their placement, however, we would welcome them to join our General English, Language Skills Programme if they wish to.

Please also note that we require a CV and letter of motivation with your enrolment form.

If you wish to get an experience of working for a company in the UK, inlingua Cheltenham can arrange it for you. We offer unpaid work experience placements in the following professions for EU/EEA students:

  • Hotels
  • Human Resources
  • Import/Export
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Travel and Tourism

Students can start placements on any Monday throughout the year. Applications should be received at least 6 weeks before the intended placement start date. The minimum length of stay is 2 weeks.


Applicants should have at least an intermediate level of English to get the most out of the experience. We will organise the accommodation for the student regardless where the placement is.

State School Placement

There are many local state schools which we have formed a relationship with and a number of them are happy to work with us in accepting well- educated students from overseas. The school will offer the full curriculum to students who are at a language level to cope with the demands of studying at this level.

This course is for EU/EEA students from the ages of 15-17 who would join the GCSE or A level study period. GCSE year students study at least 10 subjects and A level students study 3 or 4 subjects. State schools in the UK run a three term year that starts in September, January and April and students can join in for one, two or all three school terms.

We will arrange accommodation and help with any issues that arise during the student’s time here and try to match the student with a child in the family that attends the same school to ensure full integration. We can also arrange a guardian, if needed, for an extra cost.

Please note, terms start in September, January and April

Please note that the prices above are for the placement only, please add Homestay Accommodation (Full board homestay is £155 per week), school uniform, school expenses for any trips and transfers from and to the airport. inlingua Cheltenham will organise homestay accommodation for you.


Your accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your stay. Our qualified Welfare and Accommodation Officer is at hand to help you throughout.

Every student will tell you that accommodation can make their time in the UK from a good stay to an excellent one and we take great care to make sure that students are matched with the right family.

The best way to take advantage of your stay in England is by staying with a local host. This gives you the opportunity to improve your English and expose you to the life and culture of the country.

Our host families have welcomed students from all over the world and hosted with us for many years. If you do have any preferences for location or dietary requirements, please let us know and we will be able to find a family to suit your needs. While there may be other inlingua students staying with a host family during their stay, we do not place two students of the same mother tongue together.

All of our host families are either within walking distance or short bus ride from the school.

Standard Homestay

Ideal for group course students, a standard homestay offers half board accommodation during the week and full board at the weekends. Accommodation is in a single room, you will have access to a desk for studying and you will share the rest of the house as a member of the family. Full board is available if requested. A good number of our host families are located within walking distance of the school. The furthest distance is approximately 20 minutes by bus.

Executive Homestay

Executive Homestay families offer private bathroom facilities which are either en-suite or the student has sole use of the facilities. Accommodation offered is on half board arrangement on weekdays and full board weekends. Full board is available if requested.

Thanks to our close relationship with our host families we can offer high quality homestay accommodation to suit your needs.


Although we strongly recommend host family accommodation to all our clients due to the value of developing your English socially, some people prefer to stay at one of the many hotels near the school. The school has a variety of hotels in close proximity.

Guest House / Bed and Breakfast / Hostel / Serviced Apartments

Cheltenham has a wealth of other accommodation options such as Guest Houses, B&Bs and Hostels. If you would like this type of accommodation please ask us for a list of possible places to stay. If self-catering is not available for the dates of your stay then we can only offer host family accommodation with a half board arrangement. If you require self-catering, you should inform us well in advance of your course start date. It is possible for students on long term courses to change from homestay accommodation to self-catering.