As France is the fourth most powerful country in the world and a very important investment center in Europe, French is a widely preferred language. Learning French makes it easy to learn the Latin-based languages ​​Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. There are many alternative programs for those who want to learn French in France.

Among the most preferred programs are programs such as General French, Intensive French, French for Business, DELF Exam Preparation, French Academic Year or Semester.

There are many different accommodation options for students in France. Homestay accommodation is the most preferred accommodation alternative because it offers students the opportunity to practice with families whose mother tongue is German and to get to know French culture closely. In addition, there are many options such as student dormitories and apartments.

As World17 Education list of language schools in France, we have been representing is included below. You can access detailed information and a picture gallery by clicking on the profile of each language school.

Inlingua La Rochelle

Langue Onze Toulouse