Center of English Studies

CES (Centre of English Studies) – London

Founded in 1979, CES has over 40 years of experience teaching the English language to students from all over the world. CES is one of Europe’s most respected language schools. He received the Star Language School of Europe and Language Travel Magazine awards for 5 years in a row.

CENTRE OF ENGLISH STUDIES LONDON is a fantastic place to learn English, full of history and exciting things to do.


  • 11 classrooms in winter / 22 classrooms in summer
  • Some classrooms with data-projectors
  • Average class size of 10
  • Self -Study Room open five days a week
  • Guided E-Learning pre / during and post-course / CES online and on-the-go
  • Graded reading books, examination practice materials and a good choice of DVDs
  • Computer room with 10 PCs plus tablet computers for students’ use
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Student lounge with large plasma TV, vending machine and free water dispenser
  • University advisory service
  • 24-hour emergency telephone
  • Trinity Exam Centre
  • In peak sessions, we may use external classrooms at Rutlish School and South Wimbledon Community Association
Standard English Course
Standard English Course This is the most popular course in all CES schools. The Standard General English Course takes place every morning from Monday to Friday, leaving you free to join the Social Programme or study on our CES Online e-learning platform and in our Self- Access facilities every afternoon. Your morning lessons are divided into two parts, usually taught by two different teachers. Lessons concentrate on building your knowledge of the language, focusing primarily on helping you increase your vocabulary and improving your grammar so that you attain the levels of accuracy you require. Lessons also work on improving your overall communicative proficiency and fluency, focusing on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition to this, you will work on specific pronunciation difficulties and expand the range of language you use in real-life situations.
Combination Course
Combination Course On our Combination Course, you will follow the Standard Course in the mornings and have two afternoons of private individual lessons. These are designed to meet your individual requirements and give you the perfect opportunity to work on specific language areas of your choice with your own teacher. In advance of your course or during your first individual lesson, you will complete a Needs Analysis form with your teacher, in which you can identify particular areas to work on. This helps your teacher to plan your programme according to your learning needs and ensures you get the maximum benefit from your lessons.
General English with Business
General English with Business This option is designed for students who wish to improve their communicative proficiency in a business environment. Students follow the same programme as the Standard Course in the mornings. You will also have afternoon classes focussing primarily on the specialized language of Business English in the following areas:
  • Meetings and negotiations
  • Socializing and travel
  • Oral and written presentations
  • Analyzing figures and describing trends
  • Sales/Marketing/Advertising
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Written communication
Multi-Destination Course
Multi-Destination Course Experience more than one of our fantastic locations? CES gives you the unique opportunity to study in different countries and in any of our centres. This course gives you the opportunity to live in both the UK and Ireland and learn more about the culture, history and social life of these fantastic locations. Come and study in our Wimbledon school and experience one of the greatest cities in the world, London. Then come over to our Dublin centre for the next part of your programme to enjoy the famous Irish hospitality and visit some of the most breath-taking natural attractions in the world. Or why not start in Worthing on the sunny south coast of England and then make your way to the city in the heart of northern England, Leeds? You can also take in the University City of Oxford, the beautiful Spa Town of Harrogate and the culturally rich city of Edinburgh. You can divide your stay as you wish and can start your course in either England, Scotland or Ireland – the choice is yours! Students can take the Standard or Intensive course or even a mixture of both.
English for Professionals (One to One)
English for Professionals (One to One) CES has vast experience in delivering courses for professionals and managers across a broad range of business contexts. You will receive one-to-one tuition in language suitable to your profession and the social interaction you will encounter, giving you the confidence and vocabulary necessary for clear communication in the modern business world. Executive Courses Our Executive Courses are designed for business people, managers and professionals who wish to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest possible time. Each course is designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of the participants. Clients return a completed Language Needs Analysis questionnaire to CES in advance to help us prepare the most effective course for your requirements. Your teacher will discuss the details of your course with you again and you will have the opportunity to change the emphasis and content as you progress. These courses are available for both individuals and groups. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your programme or requirements. Medical Personnel Topics include: attending international conferences, delivering speeches or medical papers to a conference, meetings and interviews and specific vocabulary and phrases for doctors and nurses. Aviation Personnel For a profession that requires correct terminology and clear communication at all times, CES can provide vocabulary and speaking lessons for air traffic controllers, pilots and airport managers.
Intensive English Course
Intensive English Course On the Intensive English Course, you will follow the same programme as the Standard Course in the mornings. You will also have afternoon classes, in which you will have the opportunity to improve your communicative proficiency through discussions, role-plays and topical debates. Our modern teaching methods and use of supplementary materials give you the best opportunity to build your language skills and maximize the benefits of the time you spend with us.
Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses
Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses Cambridge English Language Assessment provides a number of internationally recognized examinations for people who need formal certification of their English language proficiency. Cambridge Examination Courses at CES are designed to prepare students for one of the following Cambridge Examinations:
  • First Certificate in English - FCE (B2 First)
  • Certificate in Advanced English - CAE (C1 Advanced)
The Cambridge Examinations usually take place four times per year, mid-March, mid-June, mid-August, and mid-December. Our courses are planned to finish on the week before the exam will take place. Students planning to take the FCE course should be at minimum level B2 (upper-intermediate) and for the CAE at C1 (advanced) level. We cannot accept a student for any examination course until CES has confirmed the student is at the appropriate level for their chosen examination.
Work Experience Programme (unpaid)
Work Experience Programme (unpaid) The Work Experience programme is the ideal way for students to further improve their English language level while developing their professional skills. Through hands-on experience, you will gain a greater understanding of the international business environment. The Work Experience programme is perfect for university students, graduates and young professionals aged 18 years or over and who have a minimum English level of Intermediate B1. You must take a minimum 4 week English language course with us before you start your work experience which you can have for a period of 4 weeks to 6 months.
Further Development Courses for English Language
Further Development Courses for the English Language Our courses are intended for English language teachers or teachers of other subjects who wish to refresh and expand their language skills and/or analyze, discuss and practise different teaching approaches and methods. The courses provide opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas with colleagues from different European countries. Our sessions are practical rather than theoretical and involve a variety of workshop and communicative formats. Our aim is that the participants can take everything they do in the sessions and apply them to their own learners and classrooms. We provide all the course material. The participants should have a vast supply of new material taken from various ELT books, authentic material and their colleagues when returning home Our aims at CES are:
  • To provide a learning environment that respects and values participants’ experience as teachers.
  • To raise awareness of participants’ preferred teaching methods and styles through discussions and workshops.
  • To share ideas and activities aimed at making our classrooms more interactive, communicative, creative and autonomous.
  • To stimulate discussion, challenge ideas and provide an environment that allows teachers the time and space to think about their own professional development
  • To broaden understanding of the link between language and culture
  • To provide opportunities for participants to improve their own language skills.
Our E-learning Platform As a course participant, you will be able to partake in our guided e-learning system from the time you have booked the course until three months after course completion. Our guided e-learning system complements the teaching and learning experience. You will have access to it as a student and/or as a teacher so that you can benefit from it for your own language development and also see it from the teacher’s point of view and how something like this might benefit your learners at home. Our e-learning platform also feeds into Europass as our one-to-one tutorials are centred on the CEFR framework of reference. Pre Course Preparation All potential participants will be sent a needs analysis questionnaire before the course begins. This will help us in determining the individual needs of each participant. Upon course registration participants will also be sent some pre-course activities through our guided e-learning portal.

Homestay Accommodation

One of the best ways to learn more about the people of England is to choose homestay (or private home*) accommodation. Family life is informal and the people are welcoming, friendly and talkative, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practise your English. All homestays (or private homes*) are carefully selected and visited regularly to ensure consistently high standards.

All our homestays / private homes in the Wimbledon area are located within a 30-45 minute travel time by foot, bus, train or tram. During the off-peak season, there is a larger selection of homestays (or private homes*) within walking distance. These cannot be guaranteed. Homestay (or private home*) accommodation includes breakfast and dinner 7 days a week.

In a private home, you can expect to meet a number of other students of different nationalities.

Having chosen a homestay or private home suitable for you, details will be sent to the hosts and we would suggest you make contact with them to confirm your arrival time. You will have a light breakfast and an evening meal every day.

In CES Wimbledon homestay / private home accommodation is on a half-board basis.

The hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas; no more than four students will be accommodated in homestay accommodation at any one time (homes accommodating more than four adult students are described as private home accommodation).

Residential in London

Our residential accommodation provides comfort and security away from home and gives you the opportunity to be part of an international student community.

CES is delighted to announce that it will be using the Beaumont Court Residence for our London school. The self-catering residence is located beside Kings Cross Tube Station. It’s 35 minutes from Wimbledon and is easily accessible. All rooms are single en-suite and fully furnished. There are also a number of other residences we use which are on a request basis.

Stay with a family

Private room, bed and table

All homes passed the CES review and approval process