FH International High School

FH International High School

FH International High School is an Ontario private high school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As an accredited and inspected Canadian private high school by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we offer Ontario high school curriculum from grade 9 to grade 12. We also offer university preparation courses including IELTS and TOEFL preparation programs as well as summer and winter camps.

We have a strong faculty holding Ontario Teaching Certificates, their passion and expertise have helped many of our students succeed. With a fully equipped facility, we offer competitive academic disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts (STEM-A) to prepare our students to the top educational institutions all around the world while making sure they explore different disciplines to find out their passion.

Progressive Education

At FH International High School, we value the experience more than formal learning. Through experiential learning, we strive to advance our students to become academically strong, independent thinkers who are capable of exercising rationality. Our role here is to teach them how to think and question rather than memorization. Through projects and workshops, our students gain the ability to work independently and become individuals who are prepared for post-secondary education and their careers. Through progressive education, we make sure our students become confident and emotionally intelligent individuals with great interpersonal skills.

Practical-oriented Academic Culture

FH International’s academic culture is based on a practical-oriented education system. While we challenge our students to get the highest quality of education possible, we are focusing on student understanding. We encourage our students to have the required knowledge and voice out their opinion during discussions. Our goal is to help our students become independent, successful and happy individuals in the future.

Student-paced Education

FH International teachers follow a non-standardized program pace to meet the needs of each student in the classroom. Having students from different educational backgrounds and English levels, our teachers design customized study plans for each student to help them achieve their education goals and we provide regular guided independent study opportunities for each student. While some of our students might have 1on1 private IELTS courses, other students might be given a differentiated instruction and assessments depending on their own pace.


FH International follows a trimester system that divides the academic year into three sessions. While the first period is running from September to January, the second from January to March or April, the third period is running from April until June. Trimester system allows our students to take less courses in a session and focus on the courses they are enrolled in. It also allows our international students to start at 3 different times in a year.

College and University Preparation Program

At FH International High School, all students are guided in their education planning through our counselling and guidance office. Our dedicated staff and faculty support and assist the students with the university application process throughout their time at FH, with the goal of admittance into a post-secondary institution. The Guidance Department has the primary role of ensuring student success. Students have access to university and college calendars, career information, and career planning sessions where students can learn about how to apply to OUAC and other universities and colleges.

As a result of the dedication of our staff and students, the graduates of FH International have been accepted to top ranking universities and colleges all around the world. Some of the Canadian university acceptances include University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Calgary University of Montreal, York University, Queen’s University, Ryerson University.

ESL, IETLS, TOEFL Preparation Program

FH provides an ESL Program for students who need to improve their English for both academic and professional purposes. The program includes different levels of courses (from ESLAO to ESLEO) as part of Ontario Secondary Curriculum. The program incorporates academic English as well as comprehensive training in core language skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing at different levels. We have experienced and extraordinary teachers to develop a variety of teaching strategies to help students achieve their goals academically, and bring responsibility and enthusiasm to the classroom. The ESL courses are arranged and designed to meet every student’s needs, and also to ensure sound learning opportunities for every student.

IELTS: The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the preferred high stakes English language test in Canada. It tests students four key English language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. FH International High School offers students IELTS preparation courses to help students understand academic texts, comprehend listening to recordings in different fields, writing essays on various types of topics and speaking English confidently and fluently.

TOEFL: The TOEFL test is one of the most widely respected English-language tests in the world, recognized by more than 10,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries. FH provides TOEFL preparation courses for students to help them with all the skills they need to achieve the desired score. Our teachers have rich experience in training students by offering them core English skills, test-taking techniques and confidence.

Summer and Winter Camps

Summer and Winter camps provide students the opportunities of learning about Canada, Canadian education and culture while enjoying Canadian attractions. By staying with Canadian families, the students learn about Canadian culture from the first hand and greatly improve their English through classes and real scenarios.

Language programs during the camps are designed for students with the greatest opportunity to achieve their English goals not only in classes, but also through personal connection with native English speakers, immersion into real seniors of English learning environments while learning about Canadians and Canadian culture.

The campers receive Certificate of Completion of ESL at the end of the camp.

Language Courses

Course Name / Course Code

  • 1 English as a Second Language (Level 1) ESLAO
  • 2 English as a Second Language (Level 2) ESLBO
  • 3 English as a Second Language (Level 3) ESLCO
  • 4 English as a Second Language (Level 4) ESLDO
  • 5 English as a Second Language (Level 5) ESLEO

6 Simplified Chinese (Level 3) LKMDU

Grade 9 Courses

Course Name / Course Code

  • 1 English, Grade 9, Academic ENG1D
  • 2 Issues in Canadian Geography, Grade 9, Academic CGC1D
  • 3 Principals of Mathematics, Grade 9, Academic MPM1D
  • 4 Science, Grade 9, Academic SNC1D
Grade 10 Courses

Course Name / Course Code

  • 1 Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10,Academic CHC2D
  • 2 Civics, Grade 10 CHV2O
  • 3 Career Study, Grade 10 GLC2O
  • 4 Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, Academic MPM2D
  • 5 Introduction to Business, Grade 10 BBI2O
  • 6 English, Grade 10, Academic ENG2D
Grade 11 Courses

Course Name / Course Code

  • 1 English, Grade 11ENG3U
  • 2 Functions, Grade 11MCR3U
  • 3 Chemistry, Grade 11SCH3U
  • 4 Biology, Grade 11SBI3U
  • 5 Physics, Grade 11 SPH3U
  • 6 Intro To Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology, Grade 11 HSP3U
Grade 12 Courses

Course Name/CourseCode

  • 1 English, Grade12, University Preparation ENG4U
  • 2 English, Grade12, College Preparation ENG4C
  • 3 AdvancedFunctions, Grade 12 MHF4U
  • 4 Calculus and Vectors, Grade12 MCV4U
  • 5 BusinessLeadership: Management Fundamentals, Grade 12 BOH4M
  • 6 Analyzing Current Economic Issues, Grade 12 CIA4U
  • 7 International BusinessEssentials, Grade12 BBB4M
  • 8 Nutrition and Health, Grade 12 HFA4U
  • 9 Physics, Grade 12 SPH4U
  • 10 OntarioSecondarySchool Literacy Course OLC4O
  • 11 World Issues: AGeographicAnalysis, Grade 12 CGW4U
  • 12 Visual Arts, Grade 12 AVI4M
  • 13 Visual Arts: Photography, Grade 12 AWQ4M
  • 14 ComputerScience, Grade12 ICS4U
  • 15 Chemistry, Grade12 SCH4U
  • 16 Biology, Grade12 SBI4U
  • 17 Canada: History, Identity, andCulture, Grade 12 CHI4U
  • 18 Mathematics of Data Management MDMU
FH International High School Online

FH International High School Online is here to provide a virtual platform to support our students to reach their full academic and personal potential with the very best standards and ethical practices in the field of online education and dedication to developing a rich and diverse learning environment. .

Opportunities for student success are provided through inquiry-based and experiential learning, which fosters critical thinking skills. Parents around the world and right here in Canada will find that FH International High School Online has the best interests of its students at heart, and the leaders that emerge from this online program will be ready to make positive contributions to our world..


At FH International High School, we believe social integration is key to overall success for our students. Therefore, our homestay program is designed to promote self-confidence and cultural integration within the community. While living with a Canadian family, our students learn about the Canadian culture, improve their English skills and experience a smoother adaptation process.

Homestay Family Selection Process

Students fill out a homestay application form at least one month before arrival. Depending on our students’ preferences, we match homestay families with our students.

Homestay families are selected after multiple interviews and home visits. We make sure the living conditions meet the standards of FH International and our students.

If the students are not satisfied with their homestay within the first month of their stay, and has a valid reason, we place our students with another homestay family.

Each student has a fully furnished private bedroom.


Students also are given the option of shared rooms or private washrooms depending on the availability and budget.

Location and Transportation

Most of our homestay families are located within 30 to 45-minute bus drive to school.

Students may also require drop-off and pick-up from their homestay families depending on the availability.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by the homestay families.
  • Breakfast and lunch packs can be prepared by the students.
  • Dinners are provided by the homestay families.

If the students have any dietary restrictions or allergies, they must inform the school and the homestay families in advance.


Students are required to inform the school and their homestay families about arrival times to make sure homestay families and their room will be ready. Students are also required to provide their flight information as soon as they purchase their flight tickets.

Homestay Rules

Each homestay family may have their own house rules. We encourage all of our students to discuss these rules within the first week of arrival. It is also significantly important to talk to the homestay families regarding any concern or questions. Remember a positive attitude and communication is the key to a pleasant homestay experience and our homestay families are always there to help you.