East Coast Language College


ECLC opened its doors in 1998 and started with humble beginnings – three classrooms, three teachers, and three students! We grew by word of mouth because students loved the personal attention they received and the high academic quality of the classes. Students trust us – we deliver what we say we will – and they know they will be treated with respect and kindness.  Our staff members all adhere to the same important values because they are also passionate about the support and success of our students.

University College Pathway

University College Pathway

The UCP program simultaneously combines English language study with academic preparation in order for students to succeed in an English-speaking university or college setting. When the students graduate from the final UCP level, they will have direct access to numerous degree programs at partner universities and colleges in Canada.
Post-Graduate Pathway

Post-Graduate Pathway

The PGP program prepares students for the rigours of graduate-level study by preparing them linguistically and giving them authentic practice that will mimic the expectations of their respective programs. Students who complete this course will have direct access to select graduate programs in Canada with no IELTS or TOEFL score required. The PGP program’s seven uniquely designed courses will improve students’ language skills through intensive practice while also receiving language education that is tailored to their specific needs.
English For Communication
English For Communication The EC program is for students who wish to improve their listening and speaking skills to communicate more effectively in daily social situations. Using an assortment of techniques such as community integration, team projects, and interactive activities, the students will learn practical language and vocabulary that will help them in any setting in which English is necessary. The courses in EC focus on building students’ abilities in many different areas including accuracy, pronunciation, intonation, fluency, reciprocal conversation, negotiation, turn-taking, presentation delivery, and polite debate. Objectives depend on the class and level.
IELTS Programs

IELTS Programs

The IELTS program enables students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in the IELTS proficiency test. Students will learn how the test is structured and assessed and how to achieve their IELTS goals. Students will be given authentic test practice as well as opportunities to work closely with both their instructors and classmates. ECLC’s IELTS courses are beneficial for not only potential test-takers, but also for anyone wishing to push themselves and improve their English skills. IELTS Preparation prepares students for all four sections of the test by combining language development and authentic test practice. Every week, students work through a complete IELTS test, focusing on how to maximize their scores and manage their time.​

Intensive IELTS

Mastering IELTS

This course is designed to get students to a level of language proficiency equivalent to an IELTS score of 7.0. A range of academic materials will be selected with a focus on the intensive practise of language skills rather than test-taking strategies.

University IELTS

Mastering IELTS

Mastering IELTS is for high-level students who wish to focus on preparing for the IELTS test by learning various strategies to maximize their scores and reach their IELTS goals. Students are given authentic test practice and complete an IELTS test every week.
Business English for the Workplace

Business English for the Workplace

This course is designed to prepare students to succeed in the world of international business and the workplace by helping them develop their professional English communication skills. Students receive instruction in workplace and intercultural language skills and relevant business discussion topics. In this course, there is a strong focus on building the students’ lexical resource of vocabulary, expressions, idioms, and collocations to enhance accuracy and fluency. Students will learn how to manage meetings, socialize and network, create cover letters and resumes, take part in interviews, give presentations, and improve team and leadership skills.
English for Parents

English for Parents

English for Parents (EP) is a three-level program aimed at providing parents of school-aged children with solid foundational English. In addition, EP helps parents learn everyday English they need to thrive in Canadian society. Each level in EP takes 15 weeks to complete and includes 20 hours of class time per week. Every Friday, students take part in a workshop that focuses on naturally and accurately using English in various situations students may encounter in Canada. Using different themes, the students will be given opportunities to practice the new language through role-plays, discussions, presentations and outings. Workshop Topics:
  • Communicating with your child’s school and teacher
  • Understanding Canadian mannerisms and etiquette
  • Talking about common health issues and going to the pharmacy
  • Understanding Canadian currency and banking
  • Getting around (public transportation, renting a car)
  • Requesting goods and services (phone, internet, power, gas)
  • Talking about food and fashion
  • Making appointments
  • Talking about housing (renting, garbage disposal)
  • Joining extra-curricular activities
  • Learning about Canadian traditions, customs, and holidays
  • Understanding the Canadian government, laws and policies
Teaching English to Young Learners

Teaching English to Young Learners

The ACE TEYL Certificate is for international students who wish to improve their communication and presentation skills in order to teach English to children either in their home countries or abroad. This program gives the students the knowledge, experience, and tools that will give them a competitive edge in the expanding market of teaching English to children.

Nova Scotia Education Immersion

Provides participants with the opportunity to be mentored by a Nova Scotia teacher in a public school classroom. Designed for current international teachers or people who want to train to become teachers of English to children.  Students can choose to take the NSEIP and TEYL as separate programs or combine them.
Summer & Winter Group Programs

Summer & Winter Group Programs

My Canadian Summer

Go camping under the stars. Wake up to sunrise on a beautiful lake. Raft the highest tides in the world. Hike to the most incredible scenery on Canada’s Atlantic coast.  Canoes, kayaks, campfires, friendships, food and FUN.  This is My East Coast Summer.  When are YOU coming? Winter Wonderland Experience winter like a Canadian!  Ski and snowboard on our nearby slopes. Try traditional Canadian activities like curling, snowshoeing, sledding and visiting a Maple Syrup Farm. Skating on our outdoor rink, cheering at a professional hockey game, and maybe even build your first snowman!  Join ECLC for this magical winter experience.  Yes, Canada is cold in the winter, but Halifax has some of the warmest winter weather!  When are YOU coming?

Homestay Program

We strongly encourage our students to participate in the Homestay Program. Living with a Canadian family is the best way for you to improve your English, learn about our culture and adapt to a new life in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Homestay Program’s objective is to provide you with a warm welcome to Canada and lots of support while you adjust to a new culture.

Our homestay families are carefully chosen by our Accommodations Coordinator. Our families live in safe residential neighbourhoods within a 30 to the 50-minute bus ride.

Homestay Information

  • Most families live outside of the downtown core in residential areas.
  • You will have your own furnished room for privacy and study.
  • You can join in family activities and in the evenings enjoy dinner and conversation.
  • Your host family will provide you with 3 nutritious meals a day. You may be asked to prepare your own breakfast and/or lunch.
  • Your family will help you discover Halifax and settle in.
  • ECLC will try to match you with the most appropriate family. Please remember that we may not be able to meet all your preferences.
  • Our Accommodations Coordinator is available to help you with any concerns.

Other Accommodations

International Student Residence

Granville Hall is an International Co-Ed Student Residence located on Granville Street in the heart of downtown Halifax and only a short walk from ECLC.

There is a private room for you with a bed, desk and closet space. Each floor of the building has approximately 10 international students. Each floor also has four bathrooms and four shower rooms and a shared kitchen facility. The residence includes free high-speed wifi, housekeeping, laundry services, and premium digital cable channels. There is a live-in Residence Advisor (RA) who provides 24/7 support to students and help them make friends, use their English and assist with cultural integration. An optional meal plan may be purchased at an additional cost.

International Hostel

The International Hostel is located downtown in a beautiful, historic building across the street from our school.  Memberships are available that offer discounts on accommodation, tours, activities, dining and more. The hostel offers private rooms with assured standards. The maximum stay is 14 days.

Student Houses

ECLC does not own an International Co-Ed Student House, but we work with a few student houses that take our students when they have availability. Student Houses are a very popular option with seven universities and colleges in our city. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability due to the large student population in Halifax. Rooms can range from $550 to $650 per month which is paid directly to the manager of the student house. Once availability is confirmed, the accommodation placement fee and security deposit must be paid to guarantee the room.

University Residence

Living in a university residence is a great way to experience independent living while discovering Halifax for a short time in the summer months when the universities are not hosting their own students. This type of accommodation is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from June to August and can vary in price from $450 to $650 per month.

Furnished Suite

ECLC can help find the perfect solution for short-term accommodation for students alone or with their families. Prices can vary anywhere from $1,800 to $4,500 per month for this type of accommodation. Furnished suites offer all of the amenities of home and they are based on availability.

Unfurnished Suite

This type of accommodation is perfect for long-term students. When you arrive in Halifax, we can offer assistance and advice on finding the perfect apartment for you. Prices can vary anywhere from $850 to $1,500 or more per month. You will be asked to sign a one-year lease and pay a security deposit and your first month’s rent to secure an apartment.