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ESC aims to help international students develop fluency and confidence to achieve success in personal, academic and professional goals. This is done through the genuine and dedicated work of teachers and support staff who understand the needs of foreign students.

Running for nearly 20 years, the English School of Canada has educated over 30,000 students from more than 50 countries. Students appreciate and are engaged by the multicultural student body they find at our fully accredited school. At the English School of Canada, we focus on teaching with our award-winning teachers and programs and activities to give our vibrant and dynamic students a truly Canadian experience.

Established by teachers, ESC brings together current teaching methods and techniques with a fully accredited and award-winning teaching team. Located in Toronto, the school offers students ESL, IELTS, TOEFL, Summer camp and Academic English (UCTP), Business English.

To support education; There is a multimedia center, audio-visual systems where you can study yourself, and a library. In addition, students are offered facilities such as movie watching and a speaking club.

In English School of Canada Language School, separate classes are opened for General English courses suitable for all language levels, from beginner to advanced.

English School of Canada has monthly social activity programs to help students spend their after-class time. Among these activities; beach volleyball, football, canoe, skiing, museum visits, picnic; on weekends there are trips to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec. It is possible to participate in social activities for extra discounted fees.

English School of Canada offers accommodation alternatives in a homestay, apartment and university dormitory in summer.

General ESC
General English General English Programs are for all students from beginner to advanced. The aim of the program is as follows;
  • Developing basic English and language skills
  • Correct speaking and writing techniques
  • English grammar techniques
  • Speaking and writing fluently, gaining confidence
Integrated Skills: Improves students' ability to synthesize information from reading and listening materials to speaking and writing Communicative Grammar: It takes a communicative approach to help students learn grammar rules and functions. Students also bridge the gap between understanding English grammar theory and correct application of grammar in speaking and writing. Communication: It is a theme-based classroom designed to teach students the features of native-speaker communication and to enable them to communicate fluently and naturally. The classroom also uses a project-based learning structure designed to encourage students to work together to achieve concrete goals in English. Speaking: It is a skill-based course that teaches students functional language and expressions that will enable them to converse clearly in a variety of everyday situations. Students also aim to teach using body language, tone of voice for a specific situation. General English (Elective) Students may choose from a range of elective classes. This provides students with the flexibility to build a program that meets their individual needs. Basic Academic Skills of English (Levels 3-5): This demanding class provides students with the basic skills that they need to succeed in college or university. First, students learn about spelling patterns and commonly misspelled words. The course moves on to cover basic reading, listening, and writing skills. Throughout the course, students are taught study habits and the ability to think critically, both of which are necessary to succeed in any higher education program. Introduction to Writing (Levels 4-5): In this class, students learn the fundamentals of writing. By familiarizing students with parts of speech, sentence structure and context, this class provides students with a solid foundation in understanding how writing is different from and more demanding than other forms of communication, and it prepares them for success in intermediate and even advanced writing classes. Intermediate Functional Writing (Levels 6-7): This class allows students to produce practical and functional pieces of writing related to many everyday situations. On finishing the course, students are able to use the appropriate register, vocabulary and grammar incoherent paragraphs, formal and informal letters, and emails. Students are shown how to work independently when brainstorming, outlining and writing, and they are taught how to identify and correct the errors in their own writing. Pronunciation (Levels 5-7): This class is designed for students who wish to sound just like English speakers. By focusing on minimal pairs and reduced forms, students learn to identify English sounds and produce them. The course also focuses on word stress as well as sentence stress. This course allows any learner to enter a conversation speaking with clarity and confidence in his or her ability to comprehend. Business Communication (Levels 7-10): This class assists students in planning to work for an international company. It guides students through the job-hunting process by giving them the language skills to understand job advertisements, create a professional online presence, write an outstanding resume, and perform well in a job interview. Students are also taught language and communication strategies to survive in a variety of everyday business situations.
Focus Programs
Focus on Writing Levels 7-10 This intensive program consists of three classes daily. The first class focuses on understanding and effectively using vocabulary (including collocations, idioms, register, discourse and formality). The second class will concentrate on the structure, mechanics, style and tone of sentences. Finally, the third class will illuminate how to write various academic, business, professional, and functional compositions. In addition to these practical objectives, this class will show students how to put themselves in the correct mindset to write, how to plan to write as well as how to implement editing and revision strategies. Creativity, flexibility and risk-taking will also be emphasized. Focus on Speaking Levels 7 - 10 This course is designed to transform students into confident and expressive English speakers. It is ideal for students who possess a solid understanding of English grammar but struggle to express their ideas clearly. Each day, students focus on various features of spoken English, including effective use of idioms and slang, the mechanics of speaking, and public speaking. To measure their progress, students are recorded at the beginning and end of the course.  Students also learn about North American culture and social customs that assist them in selecting appropriate language. After finishing this course, students see, hear and feel a significant improvement in their speaking ability. English for Health Care Levels 7-10 This program is designed for students who are working in or plan to work in an English-speaking health care environment. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical professionals benefit from learning the general English language and communication skills needed for their field. The program also teaches students specific language skills and vocabulary needed in a health care workplace. It covers speaking, listening, and reading on a wide range of topics from technical skills to ethical concerns, from communicating with patients to discussing issues with colleagues. The program includes health care studies, job skills, and medical terminology lessons to improve fluency and proficiency.
Test Preparation Programs
IELTS Levels 7-10 This program is designed to prepare students seeking to take the Academic IELTS Test and to enter into higher education. The course familiarizes students with the style and content of the four modules for the IELTS test: academic reading, academic writing, speaking and listening. It also prepares students for life in the university through the study of formal writing style, building academic vocabulary, and formation of clear opinions during a class debate. Students are introduced to a new test technique each day and are provided with regular test practice. iBT TOEFL Levels 7-10 This fast-paced and demanding course covers all four parts of the TOEFL iBT: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn the test-taking tips and strategies that will help them achieve the TOEFL iBT score they need. Practice tests are an important part of the program. Students are provided with regular computer work and test practice so that they can apply newly learned strategies under test conditions.
Pathway Programs
UCTP Prep Minimum Level Requirement: Level 7 This program is for students interested in taking ESC’s 12-week UCTP (University College Transfer Program).In this program, students learn presentation skills, group discussion skills, academic reading skills, lecture skills and note-taking skills. These are fundamental and necessary skills needed to enter and succeed in both the University and College Transfer Program (UCTP) and any higher education setting. UCTP University College Transfer Program (UCTP) - English for Academic Purposes This 12-week academic English program is designed for students who have the ultimate goal of attending a university or college in the U.S. and Canada. This is an advanced-level program that focuses on providing students with the academic English skills necessary to succeed at the university or college level. Since the launch of UCTP in 2006, we have been devoted to promoting high academic standards by assisting students in developing the personal and professional skills needed to succeed in higher education. UCTP graduates meet the English requirements at our partner colleges. Academic Pathway UCTP – Integrated Academics This 48-week program provides three stages of comprehensive academic preparation for students planning to study in a Canadian college or university. The first stage provides the full benefits of the University College Transfer Program. The second stage offers students the opportunity to refine writing skills by studying mechanics, writing styles, and the editing process. Finally, in the third stage, students work to refine their speaking skills by studying North American culture and social customs, features of pronunciation such as rhythm and intonation, and the art of public speaking. This combination ensures that students are prepared for life in higher education, both academically and socially. Graduates from this program meet the English requirements at our partner colleges.
Junior Programs
Toronto Summer Teen Program This program dedicates itself to high-quality English learning in the city of Toronto, for youth aged 12-17 from all over the world! This program provides an immersive experience by combining English lessons, excursions and activities which all focus on improving their English skills. There are two options available for our students: Residential and Self-arranged. The residential program is for students who live in the residence and participate in day and evening activities. Self-arranged students participate in the same program as residential, excluding evening programming. Most students in the self-arranged option live with family or relatives in the city of Toronto.

Young Leaders Program

English School of Canada offers a unique program for students aged 14-18. The Young Leaders Program (YLP) offers students an integrated learning experience that allows students to develop their English language skills and explore what Canada has to offer, both academically and culturally. Along with full-time English language classes, academic workshops and seminars, the program provides students with an opportunity to learn from experts in the fields of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences and Information Technology. Gaining insights and first-hand knowledge into those professions, students will have the opportunity to start thinking about their own higher education and career options. Weekly social and sports activities will round out the learning experience.


For students studying in Toronto, staying in homestay can be a fantastic way to be immersed in the English language while learning about the Canadian way of life. Most students who stay in homestay form lasting relationships with their host families and really come to feel that they have found their home away from home here in Toronto.

English School of Canada is partnered with Canada Homestay Network, one of the largest homestay providers in Canada. Each student is matched with a host family based on personal details such as profession, hobbies, food preferences and personality. Students may decide to have one, two or three meals together with the host family, or they may choose our room stay option and have access to the kitchen and prepare their own meals. The goal is always the same, to make the student feel relaxed and at home in their new environment.