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Full Time Intensive General English
The General English Courses are designed for learners of all levels and have an emphasis on speaking, communication and a high level of learner participation. The goal is to improve your accuracy and fluency as you move up the levels from beginner to advanced plus. These courses will give you the skills you need to communicate effectively in English, and will provide a strong foundation of grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and spoken English.
  • Full Time – General English Course: 25 hours per week (including the school’s graduation ceremony each Friday)
  • Intensive – Full Time General English Course with Speciality Classes: 30 hours per week
  • Part Time AM – Morning General English classes with a focus on Grammar, Reading and Writing. 15 hours per week.
  • Part Time PM – Afternoon General English classes with a focus on Speaking and Listening.
On the first day of arrival students will take a written and oral placement test to determine their inlingua Level of English. Students can also take our online test before their start date in order to plan their study period.
Ielts Exam Preparation
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a standardized proficiency exam, has become the world’s most popular English language test for academic, employment and immigration purposes. This course will not only allow you to successfully pass the IELTS exam, but will also help you build the confidence to engage in new and interesting activities, and increase your chances of being accepted into your desired college or university. Language exercises, practice tests, and lots of opportunities to practice your skills will allow you to excel across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Our teachers have many years of experience and they specialize in training students for test-taking as well as providing useful techniques. Students will develop confidence in their English skills as they prepare for the IELTS exam.
Hospitality And Service Management Co-op Diploma
Gain valuable Canadian work experience and earn a Hospitality and Service Management Co-op Diploma by completing this 54-week program! Successful students will receive a diploma and acquire knowledge in the hospitality and service industries by learning from top industry professionals and instructors. Through this PTIB registered program, students will gain Canadian work experience in tourism and hospitality, as well as receive a diploma from inlingua Victoria. Since students are required to have a Study Permit for this program, they may work up to 20 hours per week off campus while studying. Once students successfully complete the 28-week academic component of this Diploma, they will join the Canadian workforce to use their skills in the hospitality industry for up to 26 weeks during their work term. Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of supervision and management operations in the hospitality and service industry; including room division management, financial management, marketing and sales, human resources, food and beverage management and food safety For program acceptance, students must:
  • Have successfully completed secondary school graduation (or equivalent in another school system) and be a minimum of 18 years of age.
Demonstrate English Proficiency with one of the following: Domestic students must provide transcripts with these minimal scores:
  • BC High School English 12 – minimum C (60-66%)
  • BC High School Communications 12 – minimum C+ (67-72%)
International students must provide one of the following documents with these minimal scores:
  • IELTS 5.5 (no band under 5.0), CAE 47, iBT 50, CLB 6.
  • TOEIC 650 with successful completion of a speaking interview
  • OR complete inlingua Victoria General English Level 6
Note: If a student cannot provide one of the following criteria, an online test is required. If successful with the on-line test, a phone interview will be arranged with inlingua Victoria to assess the spoken English level. Or, a student can take an in-house exam at inlingua Victoria which includes a grammar test, writing test, and speaking interview.
Professional Business Skills Co-op
Diploma program Receive a Diploma in Professional Business Skills by completing this 52-weeks program! Upon successful complete at this program students will be able to demonstrate the following Business Skills Acquire knowledge in the Professional Business World and learn from top industry professionals and instructors.
  • Be prepared for the Business World.
Gain a solid foundation in communication and other skills needed for success in a business environment and prepare you for entry into the World of Business
  • Diploma Certificate
Gain Canadian Work Experience in the Business World. Graduate with PTIB accredited Diploma from inlingua Victoria College of languages and carrers. Completion Requirements – Students must achieve a mark of 70% or higher on each course exam to obtain their individual course certificates. If students fail to achieve these grades on the exams, they are permitted to retake the exams. – To graduate from the program and receive the diploma students must complete all program courses and achieve an overall mark of 80% or higher, with a no less than 70% on their exams. – They also must not miss more than 80% of the course due to absences and achieve an attendance score of 80% or more.
Tesl Teacher Training Certificate Course
TEACH ENGLISH IN CANADA OR AROUND THE WORLD! Inlingua Victoria’s 120 hour TESL Certificate program is an intensive program consisting of a balanced curriculum of both theoretical and practical components of teaching English.   There is a supervised teaching practicum that offers a hands on learning opportunity to complete your training.  This course is for anyone who would like to pursue a career in Teaching English as a Second Language to non-native English speakers. This program is recognized by TESL Canada. Students who successfully complete this program and have a degree may apply for TESL Canada’s Professional Standard Level One certification. The TESL Certification Course includes 100 hours of intensive and comprehensive instruction in ESL methodologies, lesson planning, resources and job search skills. Student teachers also complete a 10-hour classroom observation and a 10-hour teaching practicum with ESL students from around the world who are attending our English Language Courses in Victoria. The practicum component is for eligible students only, and takes place after the 110 hours have been completed. Within the inlingua network, we use our exclusive inlingua teaching method. The method allows students to speak English, practice the language and progress very quickly. Our materials are researched and created by our Pedagogical Department in Bern, Switzerland. Over 500,000 students learn English and other languages with us every year at inlingua campuses worldwide. The materials are constantly updated to stay abreast of developments in the teaching field worldwide.
Summer Youth/Teen Camp
Inlingua Victoria’s English Summer Youth Camp is designed for students between 10 years and 15 years of age and all abilities who want to improve their English skills. Students in this program will find that their English improves quickly and their confidence in speaking grows with each passing day! This English Summer Youth Camp is held during the months of July and August when schools are on summer break. Classes are taught by experienced, certified teachers who have taught in both public and private institutions. Vocabulary, reading, grammar and writing are taught in this program, but the main focus is on improving speaking, listening and conversation skills. Key features of this program are:
  • Small class sizes
  • Conversation practice with native English speakers
  • Learning through multimedia using a combination of visual, audio and hands-on-learning
  • Large and comfortable classrooms
  • Different levels for all abilities
  • Interesting learning materials
  • Excellent student services
  • Beautiful Student lounge and Waterfront patio
  • International students from around the world
Learn Through Activities: Beyond the Classroom We offer fun activities for students outside of the classroom. Daily activities are planned for students, ranging from sports to cultural events to sight-seeing and visiting city attractions. Activities aim to engage students with their learning, Canadian culture, and making new friends. Some activities include: rock-climbing, kayaking, bowling, movie nights, barbeques, swimming, hockey, and soccer.
Private Tutoring
Our private tutoring gives you the chance to get the 1 to 1 practice that you need to get ahead in English. Whether you’re not a fan of classes, need extra attention, or want to learn at an accelerated pace, this program is for you. Our qualified teachers will bring tailor made lessons to suit your needs. Contact us now to hear about this great opportunity!