Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College

At Lethbridge College, everybody’s got a job to do.

Some of us are thinkers. Some of us are makers. But engrained in all of us is a desire to do the work. Because the best way to learn is to do.

We should know — we’ve been doing just that for more than 60 years. And through it all, we’ve been ready. We know that our job is to make sure you’re equipped for yours.

We’re more than bricks and mortar. We’re a place of people coming together. We’re the mentors ready to combine your talent with our training. We’re the industries that fuel our region’s economy, awaiting our next generation of leaders.

We’re the people who love teaching you the skills you need to be prepared for whatever new changes and challenges tomorrow might bring. And we know that when we add your drive and determination to all of this, anything is possible.

Just look around. We know something about making a mark. About digging deep and rising up. We know success is not by chance, but that it takes perseverance, determination and grit.

Because here, everybody’s got a job to do. We are a community committed to one another.  We know that what happens next matters most.

Why Lethbridge College?

Good question – and there are so many good answers. To start with, our job is to equip you for yours – and we work hard to help our students succeed. The campus is a warm, friendly fun place to study, live and learn, and there is always something happening.

We teach the right stuff, with courses and programs that are hands-on, engaging, immersive and good at preparing you for the actual workforce. We have great facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment and, whenever possible, a lot of that southern Alberta sunshine. We hire instructors who are outstanding teachers but also have real-world experience in the fields they teach. And our students and staff contribute to projects that strengthen our campus and improve lives in our community.

Administrative Office Professional

Today’s business workplaces rely on skilled individuals to ensure that administrative tasks are handled efficiently and effectively, using current business technology. The Administrative Office Professional program prepares students for professional careers in various offices.


In our one-year Administrative Office Professional program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to be the backbone of the workplace.

Our small classes – taught by experienced instructors who have been in the positions you aspire to – simulate a real office environment. You’ll learn all the details it takes to keep the office running smoothly, from accounting and bookkeeping to office procedures, conference planning and records management. Not to mention you’ll be using the latest industry-standard software to complete your assignments. You’ll know everything you need to excel before you even walk into the office.

Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician

If you’re itching to work on farm equipment, commercial vehicles or heavy machinery, the Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician certificate can get you into a mechanic position in a hurry. This one-year program equips you with the knowledge, experience and hours needed to start working right away or continue on to an apprenticeship. It’s the best of both worlds.


In 32 weeks – just two semesters – you’ll get training on everything you need to know to work on the steel giants of modern society, from suspensions and powertrains to fuel systems, mobile hydraulics and everything in between. You’ll even get a first-hand experience of what awaits after graduation during a two-week practicum in a repair facility, where you’ll work as a mechanic with qualified journeymen.


Our modern shop facilities have the latest in diagnostic technologies and tools. And, you’ll test your skills working on a wide range of on and off-road vehicles and farm equipment. Move ahead in industry today by obtaining a Lethbridge College certificate in the Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician program.

Architectural Animation Technology

Prepare yourself for an exciting and ever-changing industry in Lethbridge College’s new Architectural Animation Technology program. Architectural Animation technologist communicate spatial ideas and basic construction visualization techniques to a variety of industries in the world of architecture, interior design and digital environments within virtual worlds.


You will become a necessary and creative asset to any residential, hospitality, institution, retail or landscape project, assisting clients and architects with code-compliant virtual space creation and extended reality 3 and 4 dimensional experiences.


Our unique, two-year diploma program will give you specialized production knowledge and visual communication skills needed to succeed in the world of architecture. You’ll work on projects that simulate real world design problems and gain professional experience in both commercial and residential architectural design communication. By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to demonstrate your digital rendering and animation skills, and you’ll know how to contribute to community-based design projects.

Automotive Service Technician

If you’re already working in the automotive industry, the Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program will give your career as a mechanic an added boost.


Developing your confidence through theory and skill, the four-year apprenticeship mixes on-the-job work with technical experience and theory.

You’ll spend 80 percent of your time with a qualified service technician in the shop. For the remaining time, you’ll be in our classrooms and shops, learning from skilled instructors and training on the same industry-standard equipment you’ll use on the job.


When you graduate, you’ll have the confidence to advise customers on work to be performed, general vehicle condition and repair requirements. You’ll have the theory behind the mechanics as well as the hands-on experience employers are looking for.


Bachelor of Nursing

The nursing profession is one of the cornerstones of modern health care. Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge have teamed up to offer a collaborative program that offers excellent opportunities for education.


Be ready to receive a top-quality education in an environment known for producing highly qualified nurses. The student-centered nature of the program encourages learners to take responsibility for their own learning, guided by experienced faculty members. You’ll work closely with our instructors, combining theory and practice as you do. Course-related practice-based experiences in hospitals, community health-care agencies and home care agencies will let you apply your new-found knowledge in the real world. And you’ll benefit from learning through our exciting Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education (SPHERE) lab.


This blended of theory and practice will help you develop skills in clinical reasoning, innovative clinical practice, leadership and the use of innovative technologies, while learning to care for people from newborns to senior citizens.


When you complete the degree program, you’ll be eligible to write the NCLEX-RN Exam, giving you the opportunity to be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN).


Your natural caring and compassionate nature, combined with a commitment to high standards and detail, makes you an excellent candidate for the program. Contact us to find what happens next in your journey to a career in nursing!

Business Administration

We can help you become an integral part of the business world in our Business Administration program. Your first year will allow you to acquire basic business skills, building a solid foundation of effective business principles. In your second year, you’ll tailor your education towards your career aspirations with one of four majors.


If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you can participate in an international exchange or continue your studies after graduation through the transfer agreements with institutions around the globe. Many of those transfers are for 2 + 2 programs, meaning you only need to put in an additional two years at university to earn your bachelor’s degree. Whatever direction you go in, you’ll be dressed for success with a Business Administration diploma.



Put your appreciation for details and numbers to work in the accounting major. Through theoretical and practical application, you’ll develop the background needed to succeed in accounting positions and pursue an accounting designation.



Prepare to lead the business world of tomorrow with a major in management. Through case studies, simulations and other engaging learning experiences, you’ll solve real business and organizational problems, gaining expertise in management, leadership and communication.



Analyze the strategies that make a business successful as a marketing major. With a focus on practical application, we’ll ensure you’re ready for your career as a marketing professional. You’ll conduct group presentations, solve case studies, create marketing plans and even work with local businesses.


General Business

Have an entrepreneurial spirit? The general business major might be right for you. Ideal for those planning entrepreneurial careers, the major allows for significant flexibility in choosing courses; you can perfectly match your education to your career goals.

Culinary Careers

Our Culinary Careers program is as well-planned as a gourmet meal. As an appetizer, we’ll teach you about restaurant production methods before moving onto a second course in sweet and savoury techniques. For the main course, we’ll serve up a paid industry placement. Finishing off with dessert, you’ll be immersed in dining-room cuisine.


While you’re with us, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prepare real meals for real customers, create menus, work in teams and explore your creativity. During your paid industry placement, you’ll have the chance to wow employers with your culinary skills while earning some dough. And you won’t have to worry about struggling to find employment when you’ve completed the program; our grads have a perfect record of landing that important first job.

Digital Communications and Media

As the ways we share and digest information and entertainment change, so do the traditional mediums we rely on. But in the evolving world of media and communications, one thing is certain: no matter how it is delivered, content is key. The importance of social media has grown and communications jobs have blossomed.  What we are finding now is journalism, corporate communications, radio, video, photography and graphic production are crossing over more than ever before. Thus, we have developed the next evolution of the program to recognize industry needs. 


You’ll learn how to create that content in this two-year Digital Communications and Media program. Reflecting the evolution of the industry, our program incorporates cutting-edge industry trends and the latest equipment and tools into the classroom to ensure your education remains relevant tomorrow.


In the DCM program, you will choose your assignments across the varied areas of journalism, communications, audio, visuals and production to create your own unique career path. This 'choose your own adventure' model will allow you to become a multi-faceted media and communications professional, while practicing relevant industry skills. Through a mix of teaching methods, you will be trained to conduct research, create compelling content, meet deadlines and present it all through the most current delivery methods.


At the end of your coursework, you will enhance your acquired skills through a 150-hour practicum experience working with professional industry mentors.