Canadıan College Italy

Canadıan College Italy

Canadian College Italy

Canadian College Italy

Founded in 1995, CCI has seen over three thousand graduates pass through its home of Lanciano, an ancient-yet-modern city of 45,000 in the Central region of Abruzzo.

About a twenty-minute drive to the bustling city of Pescara and less than three hours by bus to Rome, Lanciano is centrally located and well connected by train and bus. Unique to most private schools, CCI provides boarding for its students. Lanciano, with its over 3,300-year history, has much to share with them as both boys and girls’ residences are located within the historical centre and a quick walk to the main school building.


To provide a unique environment in which students experience a renaissance: academically, socially and culturally.

Philosophy & Objectives

  • To translate the name of the school into a curricular and social reality
  • To offer a special living environment: communal, foreign, and culturally rich
  • To provide an extraordinary learning environment: small classes, an experienced and caring faculty and quality resources
  • To trigger a renewal in student learning through faculty accessibility, challenging academic demands, and focused study
  • To consciously promote humanistic values
  • To bring students to an acceptance of social responsibility as a basic right
  • To inculcate in our students an acceptance of ownership for their learning
  • To effect a change in student outlook through contact with the local Italian community and with the cultural and artistic aspects of Italy
  • To develop the curriculum so that each course taught has a cultural component
  • To involve students in the structure of their living and learning
CCI offers educational advantages as students follow a challenging academic curriculum, all courses are taught in English ( except for Italian language), by Ontario trained teachers, specialists in their subject area, in the classroom. Courses are not online and fall under the subjects below:
  • Mathematics
  • Classical Civilization
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Social Sciences
  • English
  • Italian/French
  • Art
  • Drama
The School offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12, and students may enroll for a single semester or for up to four academic years (two semesters per year). CCI is inspected by the province of Ontario, Canada, whose requirements parallel or exceed most other North American jurisdictions. CCI is also a member of ECIS, the European Council of International Schools. In addition to regular ministry standards, CCI ensures that eighty percent of the School's teaching staff must be from Ontario in maintaining the standards set out by the chosen curriculum. Our standards meet or excel the standards of every other boarding high school in Europe. CCI has received credit granting authority from the Ontario Ministry of Education since it opened in 1995.
Art Courses
Visual Arts Photography: Students require a digital SLR camera.
Canadian and World Studies
Issues in Canadian Geography Canadian History Since World War I Civics and Citizenship World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century World Issues: A Geographic Analysis Canadian and International Law Canadian and International Politics
Classic Studies and International Languages
International Languages: Italian International Languages: Italian International Languages: Italian English French as a Second Language: Core French: Minimum of 600 hours of French instruction, or equivalent
Guidance and Career Education
Career Studies
Health and Physical Education
Healthy Active Living Education
Interdisciplinary Studies
Italian Studies
Principles of Mathematics Functions Advanced Functions Calculus & Vectors: The Advanced Functions course must be taken prior to or concurrently with Calculus and Vectors Mathematics of Data Management
Science Biology Chemistry Physics Biology
Social Sciences and Humanities
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Philosophy: Questions and Theories

Boys Residence

CCI Boys reside on the top floor of the school building on Via Cavour; the residential portion is accessed by a door at the back of the school.

The accommodations for the boys vary in size although they are mostly double rooms and the boys share bathroom and laundry facilities. There is a common room equipped with a full kitchen so that the boys can gather informally and socialize.  The rooms have beautiful vaulted painted ceilings and one-half of the balcony windows have a distant view of the Adriatic sea, whereas the other half has a spectacular rooftop view of the old town.   WiFi access is available throughout the residence.  The boys also enjoy the outdoor courtyard which is in the center of the building and accessible through the first floor of the residence.

Girls Residence

The girls are housed in the Town’s oldest Inn, The Allegria.  It is a charming 525 year- old inn where the students also enjoy their dinners in the main floor dining hall.

This residence also housed the girls in the very first year of the school in 1995.  The residence has ten rooms on the second floor, each with its own bathroom. The two adjacent apartments that are also part of the main building have rooms that vary in size and the bathrooms in these apartments are shared.  There is an outside terrace with a lovely view of the old town where the girls gather to socialize.

The residence is equipped with two full kitchens and laundry facilities.  WiFi is available throughout the residence. There are security cameras on the outside of the building.

The residence is in the center of the town, just a few minutes’ walk from the school and the nearby cafes, shops and the main piazza in town.