Did Deutsch Institut - Frankfurt

Did Deutsch-Institut – Frankfurt

In 1970, Madeleine Semidei-Kötter had the idea of offering German courses and exchange programs for international students and schoolchildren, so she founded Deutsch in Deutschland. Thanks to her engagement, did deutsch-institut, as the institution is called today, has grown to one of the largest and most well known private language schools for learning German in Germany.

The cosmopolitan city on the Main River with its unique “Mainhattan” skyline is known for its significant impact on the political, cultural and business sectors. Our institute is located in the beloved district of Sachsenhausen, only a few meters from Frankfurt’s South Train Station. In less than 10 minutes you can reach the famous shopping area Zeil on Germany’s largest shopping street.

The founding of the institute 1989

max. Number of students 150

Standard Course

Standard Course

Our general German courses are intended for participants who want to make rapid progress in improving their language competence. You will learn in an intensive, practice-oriented environment with other international participants and will then be able to use your language to work, study or travel in Germany. Course Description:
  • Focus on learning the main skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Lessons are academic and goal-oriented so you can make rapid progress.
  • Practical language is emphasized for use in everyday, professional and academic situations.
  • Fast and efficient teaching methods: Use of course materials is emphasized.
  • Stabilizing grammar and vocabulary.
Age Group: from 17 years Lessons per week: 20 x 45 minutes Course Levels: A1 - C2 Availability: year-round, 1 to 48 weeks Start dates: Every Monday Students per class: approx. 10 – 15
Intensive Course

Intensive Course

Course Description:
  • In addition to the content of a Standard Course, our most popular course for rapid learning results.
  • All participants can participate actively in class, speak a lot with one another, discuss together and express opinions.
  • The course module deals with current events in politics, culture and business.
  • The course is ideal to improve communicative skills.
  • Already developed knowledge and skills will be stabilized, deepen and expanded.
Premium Course

Premium Course

Course Description:
  • As an expansion of our Intensive Course, the premium module is ideal for particularly ambitious learners.
  • Participants learn in small groups of 4-5 according to their desires and needs.
  • Participants can incorporate their personal ideas and preferences and target weaknesses.
  • Teachers put together a curriculum according to the preferences of the participants (for example, concentration on specialized vocabulary).
  • Especially suitable for targeted themes, but also for busy participants who want to make maximum use of their time.
TestDaF Preparation Course
TestDaF Preparation Course Course Description:
  • Focused preparation for the TestDaF exam.
  • With the help of extensive practice exercises, participants intensify their German language knowledge and skills.
  • Participants become familiar with the test format.
  • You learn strategies to help successfully complete test tasks.
  • Overcome your test anxiety with help from our experienced teachers.
TestDaF exam
  • You can take the TestDaF exam six different times throughout the year.
  • The exam is given at the did deutsch-institut Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. Our schools are licensed testing centers.
  • The TestDaF is recognized by universities as proof of foreign applicants' German language ability.
  • The exam consists of four parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression.
  • You can register for the TestDaF exam either at did deutsch-institut or online at www.testdaf.de.
  • Please bring your identification card or passport along! The testing fee must be paid at the time of registration.
TestDaF exam results
  • When completed, the exam documents will be sent to the TestDaF Institute.
  • After 6 - 7 weeks, the results of the exam will be available on the TestDaF web portal.
  • Afterward, the TestDaF grades can be picked up at did deutsch-insitut.
Telc Preparation Course
Telc Preparation Course Course Description:
  • Focused, compact preparation for the telc exam
  • Become familiar with the test format through practice exercises
  • Train the necessary skills leading to the successful completion of the examination
  • The course takes place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.
  • Ideal extension of Standard and Intensive Course
telc exams
  • telc language certificates document your language proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • telc German exams are recognized worldwide and serve as proof for vocational training, university study or work in Germany.
  • The telc exams B1, B2, C1 and telc C1 University are administered at did deutsch institut Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich.
  • We administer the level C2 telc test up to two times per year.
  • We offer telc A1 and A2 for groups, on request, by arrangement.
telc exam results
  • When completed, the exam documents will be sent to the telc Institute.
  • After 7 - 8 weeks, the results of the exam will be available.
  • The telc language certificate can be picked up at did deutsch-insitut.
Goethe B2 + C1 Examination Training
Goethe B2 + C1 Examination Training Course Description:
  • Targeted preparation for the Goethe Institute German language exams Goethe Certificate B2 and Goethe Certificate C1.
  • Become familiar with the test format through examples.
  • Simulate individual test sections with our teachers.
  • The preparation courses will be offered alongside Standard or Intensive courses.
  • The exam preparation is held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.
Goethe exams
  • The participant is responsible for test registration personally.
  • Please note, the number of exam spots is limited so you must register in a timely manner.
  • It is possible to register online and pay the exam fees directly.
  • Please register for the exam through the Goethe Institute's BerlinFrankfurtHamburg or Munich websites.
  • You will receive test results from the Goethe Institute.
University Pathway Germany
University Pathway Germany The did deutsch-institut University Pathway Service is designed to assist participants who would like to study at a university in Germany. Our service will help you find the right higher education institution and prepare you for university or preparation year (Studienkolleg). We will support you with your visa application and walk you through the entire application process. Course Description:
  • Intensive language acquisition - from developing German language skills to acceptance at a German university
  • Free editing/review and creation of a timeline leading to semester begin
  • Support during the search for a German university placement
  • Evaluation of your university application documents
  • Support during the visa application process (VPD preliminary documentation review or conditional acceptance)
German for Professionals
German for Professionals Those with good German language proficiency are best suited for the challenges of modern business life. Our instructors prepare their lessons according to your individual needs. You will have the opportunity to determine the rhythm and content of the course yourself because whether you are a doctor, attorney, banker or teacher - every work environment is different. One-to-One Courses Course description
  • You strengthen your German knowledge with precision and ultimately tailor it to your own personal needs.
  • More time to discuss topics extensively, something you don't have the opportunity to do in group classes.
  • The chance to expand on your Standard, Intensive or Premium Course through individuation instruction.
  • If you would like to register for individual rather than group instruction, the minimum is 10 lessons per week.
  • Themes to select from including German for Professionals, German for University Study or Everyday German.
Business German Course description: Business German
  • Ideal for participants who want to work in a German-speaking country or need German for their profession.
  • Concentration on learning the basic language structures - a very practical, goal-oriented training.
  • Context organized according to occupation: business and technology, service sector, office or social service professions.
  • You define the content before the course begins so that valuable class time is not wasted.
  • Conceptualized as individualized instruction, the courses are focused on the refreshment, development and expansion of professional language content.
Course description: Business German Plus
  • Designed for business and professional people with tight schedules.
  • These courses are especially dense and lead to substantial progress in the shortest time possible.
  • Daily, 9 or 12 hours of individual instruction in 9 days (one work week plus two weekends)
  • Depending on your individual needs, we will put together a course tailored just for you.
  • Daily working lunch with a carefully selected teacher just right for you.
Teacher Training Course description
  • This course is ideal for current and prospective teachers' continuing education
  • In the first phase, you will participate in a German course with 20 lessons at the A2 - C1 level.
  • Make impressions and experience modern German instruction with the latest teaching materials.
  • Your course will be extended with 4 more lessons at a lower level (A1 - B2). You are the observer.
  • In a one-on-one conversation (2 lessons per week) you will discuss pedagogical approaches and lesson plans with the teacher.
  • This course is not suitable for teachers with native German language proficiency.
  • It is not guaranteed that multiple foreign teachers will be participating in the course at the same time.
  • This course is known as Erasmus Plus Teacher Professional Education. We welcome questions and are here to help.
Special German Programs
Special German Programs After your language course is over, optimize your time in Germany by completing an internship in your area of interest. Attend a stimulating seminar and deepen your presentation skills. Book a special course in which you get to know 4 different cities. Here you can read all about our special programs for adult learners Internship in Germany Course description:
  • Improve your German language skills during this 6+ week course.
  • We will help you prepare your application materials and job interview.
  • Depending on the area of expertise, proof of language level B1, B2, C1 or higher is required.
  • Collect your first professional experience and establish contacts with a German enterprise.
  • You will get the chance to experience everyday professional life in Germany.
University Summer Courses Course description:
  • Improve your German language skills during this international Standard Course.
  • Four weekly lessons with seminars and workshops with a lecturer.
  • During this time, you will develop an academic project in the area of culture and civilization.
  • Combine your German language course with socially, culturally and economically relevant topics.
  • You will present your project at the end of the course.
Project Topics (modifications possible)
  • Berlin: Metropolis - Past, Present and Future of the Capital City
  • Frankfurt: Money, Money, Money - Germany's Economic and Financial World
  • Hamburg: The Gateway to the World - Globalization of the Land, Water and Air
  • Munich: Between Laptops and Lederhosen - Germanys Technology Center
4X-Program Course Description During the summer of 2006, it was particularly easy to experience Germany and essentially get to know the whole country, because everyday, soccer games from 12 different cities were being televised. The game locations, which were extensively presented by the media, quickly developed a special allure of their own - even for our did students. Even those who were not particularly enamoured with soccer came along on these weekend trips through Germany. Our team was fascinated by the idea of combining learning with travel. After all, our motto since 1970 has been: Learn German, discover Germany! After we had settled upon the particulars, we decided to offer the option of arranging your language-learning stay not just in one, but in 2 - 4-course locations of your choice: in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, with no additional charge! Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich - 4 institutions, 4 large cities, 4 opportunities to discover Germany! If you would like to experience as much of Germany as possible during your language learning stay here, you should consider our special 4X offer and divide your language course over up to four different course locations! Our new offer makes it possible to flexibly combine course type, duration and location. All did Deutsch instituts follow a uniform pedagogical curriculum which makes it possible to transition seamlessly between different course locations. The minimum required course length per school is for two weeks. After 2 weeks, a move is possible at any time. All you need to pay are transportation costs from one location to the next (no additional costs for new registration, etc.)
German Summer Courses for Juniors
German Summer Courses for Juniors In our summer courses, students from 70 different countries meet and learn together. You all have the same goal: Learning German and getting to know the country. Regardless of age, you can choose between general or intensive German courses in exciting cities and regions. Standard Course Course description
  • Improve your German as you concentrate on the primary skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • The main hallmark of the course will be speaking and the confident and fluent usage of the language.
  • Your teacher orients the instruction toward practice. This way you will always be learning the language in a creative context.
  • During instruction, we pay particular attention to creating an exciting atmosphere in which you can "play" with the language.
  • The teachers incorporate short tests so you receive feedback on your language skill development.
Intensive Course Course description
  • The Intensive Course expands upon the content of the Standard Course.
  • You have the opportunity to markedly improve your language competence.
  • Actively strengthen your communicative competence and improve your performance.
  • Already developed knowledge and skills will be stabilized, deepened and expanded.
  • Learn German in a fun, creative context in small groups.
Premium Course Course description
  • The Premium Course expands upon the content of the Standard and Intensive Courses.
  • Concentrate exclusively on learning the language.
  • The quickest way to improve your German in the summer.
  • Experience maximum learning results in thanks to the topics of focus in the afternoon premium modules.
  • Build vocabulary and grammar skills and make rapid progress


Host Family Frankfurt

You will feel right at home and enjoy an authentic German experience during your language course in Frankfurt by staying with a host family. Our host families live in the Rhein-Main area and will enjoy bringing you closer to the culture from a local’s perspective.

Student Residence Frankfurt

Our student residence is located in the modern Europaviertel (housing and business district). Within walking distance is the Skyline Plaza shopping area with its numerous restaurants and shops. The dorm’s common rooms offer opportunities to get to know the other students from Germany and around the world. You can get to school in just 25 minutes by the train.

Youth Hotel Frankfurt

Our youth hotel is located in the Gallus district, very popular with students. In the hotel’s large lobby you can easily establish connections with other international students while enjoying a refreshing drink. From the Galluswarte station, named for a former city watchtower, you can get to school in just 20 minutes by train.