Toronto Film School offers a fast and effective path to an exciting career in film, television, theatre, fashion, graphic design or video game design.


Toronto Film School, ranked as a top film school by the QS World University Rankings, offers a fast-paced, hands-on and highly collaborative learning environment, designed to arm you with the theory and skills needed to align your career aspirations with your creative talents. Whether you are passionate about film, design, video games or fashion, Toronto Film School is where you will find a supportive community, award-winning instructors, and a network of creative peers to propel you into the career you dream of.


Consistency and Focus – All programs are career-focused and application-oriented. Real-World Knowledge  – Program Advisory Committees, which meet regularly and are informed by input from the entertainment industry, ensure Toronto Film School curricula align with on-the-job expectations and requirements. Skills-Based Education – Class sizes are kept small to ensure optimum instructor-to-student ratios. Faculty plan and deliver courses to emphasize hands-on projects that engage students and facilitate learning.


Learn English at Toronto Film School and help launch your future career in the Creative Arts.

This program is designed to prepare students whose English needs some fine-tuning and development for successful entry in Yorkville University undergraduate degree programs and Toronto Film School diploma programs. The Pathway Program is designed to assist students in adjusting to an English academic environment, addressing such skills as: academic writing (style, syntax, cohesiveness etc.), group discussions (presenting proposals, agreeing and disagreeing, organizing ideas), analyzing academic reading materials, critical thinking, delivering effective presentations, and research and referencing. This course also addresses any important differences in academic culture in an effort to reduce the likelihood of any cross-cultural misunderstandings.

The ESL Pathway Program enables students with less than the minimum required IELTS scores, to be accepted to Yorkville University/Toronto Film School programs in Ontario. The ESL Pathway offers three levels of study with content focused on improving your English academic skills.

The levels are each 12 weeks in duration and involve 25 hours of instruction per week. All students will have access to on-going language and international student services during their studies at Yorkville University.

The ESL Pathway program is offered at our Davisville Campus.

Oxford Placement Test

Students applying to Yorkville University/Toronto Film School programs in Ontario without an IELTS score will be asked to complete the Oxford Placement Test to determine their placement in either Beginner Pathway, Level 1, or Level 2 of the ESL Pathway Program.

Students with an IELTS score of at least 5.5 (or equivalent) but below 6.0 are able to enroll in Yorkville University’s or Toronto Film School’s regular academic programs. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a required course in their first term of studies. There is no additional cost to the program when students take the EAP course.

Students whose IELTS score (or equivalent) is 4.5or higher but lower than 5.5 will have to successfully complete Level 2 of the ESL Pathway Program.

Students whose IELTS score (or equivalent) is lower than 4.5 but above 4.0 will have to successfully complete Level 1 and Level 2 of the ESL Pathway Program.

Students whose IELTS score is lower than 4.0 will have to successfully complete Beginner, Level 1 and Level 2 of the ESL Pathway Program.


The acting program applies the Stanislavski Method to blend film and television acting with the critical foundations of stage technique. The program is taught by a faculty of acclaimed actors, with credits including The Handmaid’s Tale, American Gods, Orphan Black and Taken. You will explore artistic, technical and business areas of acting, through practical, hands-on training. From movement to voice and improvisation, you will learn the foundations of acting for the camera and stage, as well as the skills for voice-over, screenwriting, pitching, producing, directing, video editing, auditioning and career management.


The program offers an intensive, behind-the-scenes education that covers all areas of filmmaking. You will experience every phase of pre-production, production and post-production while learning from industry-active filmmakers with projects such as Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther, The Shape of Water and Star Trek Beyond to their credit. The program covers various aspects of filmmaking, including writing and analyzing screenplays, developing storyboards, creating shot lists and preparing budgets and schedules. You will learn to shoot, direct, block, light scenes and capture audio, as well as assemble, cut and manipulate footage. Upon graduation, the Film Production Work Placement helps you experience the creative workforce through placement opportunities in Canada’s “Hollywood North.”


The design program will prepare you to think critically and execute visual solutions across print, digital platforms and motion graphics. You will learn from a faculty of industry-active designers who have a portfolio of communications, marketing, and branding solutions designed for brands such as Hudson’s Bay, Canada Post, TTC and Indigo Books & Music. You will explore multiple perspectives on the design process from a variety of guest speakers and outside creative professionals. You will graduate with a well-rounded portfolio and the creative and technical skills to launch your career.


From concept through to development, you will explore the entire 2D and 3D game production process with a faculty of active creators with games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, GTA 4, and Max Payne 3 to their credit. Modelled on the collaborative environments of the video game industry, you will design and produce mid-large scale games with peer artists. You will learn how to create artwork and animation, compose audio effect and music, and develop production and business plans. You will graduate with a robust portfolio showcasing your creative and business expertise


From concept through to production, you will learn the entire game creation process from a faculty of active creators with games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Asteroids, GTA 4 and Max Payne 3 to their credit. In environments replicating the industry, you will explore all areas of video game design and programming for mobile, PC, web and console. You will get a deeper understanding of programming, game design, interface development, production, audio and sound, as well as business plans and commercial strategies. You will graduate with a diverse portfolio of video games that showcase your industry-ready skills.


The writing program is designed to replicate the process and environment of the film and television industry. Our faculty of renowned writers, with credits such as Mr. D, Frontier, Inspector Gadget and Sneaky Pete, add insight and credibility to the industry-like environment. Classes are styled after industry writing rooms and feature table-reads, on-set show-running and industry-standard editing software. You will learn how to pitch, write, produce and edit for all formats of film and television, and have the unique opportunity to bring your original scripts to life as film and television productions.