Expanish Buenos Aires

Expanish Buenos Aires

Our Spanish programs in Buenos Aires are your gateway to Latin America

When you learn Spanish, you open the door to a whole new continent.

Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires immerse you into the local language and culture. They’re fun, dynamic, and practical. They prepare you for the biggest test of all: proving your language skills on the bustling streets, markets, and cafés of the Argentine capital.

We’re serious about studying, but we’re even more serious about having a good time. Our school is cozy and laidback. At our lounges and common areas, you’ll find students and travelers just like you. Share anecdotes, drink some mate, or plan a weekend getaway together. It’s all part of the adventure!

Come learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. Explore the city and meet up with locals. Stay up through the night, dance the tango, or scream at a football match.

Spanish is a lifelong journey. Take your first step.

Our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires put students first

Learning a language is about meeting new people, discovering new places, and putting yourself to the test.

Our Spanish lessons get you ready to step out into Latin America. They’re fun and interactive, with lively conversations on food, art, music, and sports. And they immerse you in the sound and color of Buenos Aires, recreating everyday situations and dialogues.

Of course, we don’t forget about academic rigor. We follow the guidelines recommended by the Cervantes Institute, and our teachers are passionate about their language, history, and culture. Ask them anything!

Study Spanish in Buenos Aires with us. You’ll find students from all over the world, just as curious and eager to learn as you are.

The best Spanish school in Buenos Aires, in heart of the city

Buenos Aires mixes the old and the new, the European and the Latin American.

Its neoclassical and art deco architecture oozes history, but its streets and nightlife are energetic and modern. It’s a city that never sleeps, with countless bars, cafés, museums, and cultural events to keep you busy.

And at the center of it all, amidst the beautiful palaces of the downtown district, you’ll find our cozy Spanish school.

With its bright, relaxing common areas and lounges, it’s the perfect place to sit back, eat a snack, chat with teachers and students from all over the world, and learn Spanish.

So come visit us. You’ll feel at ease, meet friends — and prepare to explore Buenos Aires!

Intensive Spanish Course 20 Hours

This program is the most popular choice when it comes to Intensive Spanish in Buenos Aires. This immersive course is an interactive way to increase your Spanish level in a collegial environment composed of other Spanish language enthusiasts from all over the world.

You will participate in 20 intensive Spanish language classes per week and can expect each day to be filled with activities and exercises focused on all elements of linguistic development including reading and listening comprehension, writing, and verbal communication.

With Intensive Spanish in Buenos Aires you will be a part of a small group setting designed to develop the skills of each individual student in a dynamic and effective manner, backed by a communicative approach that encourages constant use of the language. Students can expect to utilize quality materials and resources while experiencing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that encourages group participation and interaction led by our top-tier academic staff.

Language Program Class Dynamics

We offer a small teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom. To get the most out of our programs of intensive Spanish in Buenos Aires, we assign native teachers in small groups for more personalized attention. Teachers provide individual care and focus on each student’s progress, giving feedback as you practice. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly so you can feel comfortable speaking in Spanish.

If you’re looking for an even more intensive Spanish immersion program in Argentina we recommend you look into Intensive Spanish 30.

Program Study Plan

The Cervantes Institute guidelines construct the program and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages shape the teaching plans. Our native teachers use this solid framework alongside the communicative method, encouraging students to speak and interact in Spanish during your 20 lessons per week. This integral approach helps you develop the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Intensive Spanish 30 Hours

Get the most value and experience of any of the intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires with our Intensive Spanish 30 Hours Course. This offering is designed to achieve the strongest results with the quickest turnaround time by providing you with the necessary tools to command all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

This intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires is composed of 20 hours of group lessons in the morning with an additional 10 hours of group lessons in the afternoon. The dedicated nature of the class is professionally implemented by our certified professors utilizing materials and resources that provide for a world class educational experience.

Class Dynamics

In the morning, you will be in the same group classes as the Intensive Spanish 20 program which gives you the opportunity to learn the grammar and practice the four key language skills with your peers. But with the Intensive Spanish 30 course in Buenos Aires, you have an opportunity to perfect what you learned in the morning. The afternoon session allows you to consolidate the information you have learned in the morning and put it into practice within situational contexts through games and other interactive activities.

The extra practice that accompanies this intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires will go a long way in your language studies. All the class assignments are aimed to help you learn through extensive practice with your classmates and helpful guidance from the teacher.

Who should take the Intensive Spanish 30 course?

We recommend the Intensive Spanish 30 course for those who already know some Spanish and want to jump in and advance their language skills in a short amount of time. It is ideal for those who want true immersion at an affordable price and those who want extra oral practice during their learning process. So whether you only have a couple of short weeks to be in a group Spanish course or you are simply looking for the maximum amount of intensive Spanish classes in Argentina, this course is for you. In some cases, it can even help students progress through levels faster.

Private Spanish Lessons

Supplement your group classes with Private Spanish Lessons, customized to fit each student’s individual language-learning goals. Our Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires offer personalized attention and materials designed specifically to cater to the student’s needs and interests and are offered in accordance with the student’s schedule and availability.

Sign up for as few as two lessons per week or fill your entire schedule with Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires tailored to meet your Spanish language acquisition goals in the way that best serves you!

Who Should Take Private Spanish Lessons?

Those who want flexibility and customization should choose a private Spanish course in Buenos Aires. Individual classes allow you to focus on the concepts that you are most interested in and allows you to move at your own pace. Overall, private lessons will focus on the four key language skills (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) while also making sure that the instruction focuses on strengthening your weaknesses and creating lessons that appeal your personal learning style. Feel free to let us know exactly what you’re looking for, and we will make it happen.

Combined: Group & Private Spanish Lessons

The combination of Group and Private Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires allows you to take advantage of the unique benefits of both group lessons and individual classes and to design a complete Spanish study program that works best for your goals.

Choose between 10 or 5 private lessons to accompany the popular Intensive Spanish 20 course. You will have the opportunity to not only improve communication skills in a group environment but also benefit from the undivided attention and personalized feedback that is only possible in a One-To-One environment with your own personal Spanish tutor in Buenos Aires.

The course is best for those who are ready for an intensive schedule and who want to advance more rapidly and effectively through the Spanish-language curriculum. If you want the fun and social aspect of group Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires plus a few days of individual attention from a teacher to go over exactly what you want to learn/practice, then the combination of Group and Private Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires is perfect for you.

What Should I Expect in the Classroom?

You will participate in the small group lessons of the Intensive Spanish 20 program, Monday through Friday in the morning or afternoon. During that time, you are going to work on level-specific skills and topics alongside your peers who are in the same Spanish level. The group interaction provides a fun and motivational environment while learning the four core language skills: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Then you will have 5 to 10 private classes, depending on which combination bundle you decided on. Lessons could be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon according to availability. You can pick the days that work best for your schedule if you book in advance. This way, you can plan exciting activities around Buenos Aires during your free time!

Spanish for expats in Buenos Aires

Learn the porteños language, at our accredited Spanish school, with our expats Spanish classes prepared specifically for you:

  • Academic Excellence: We offer weekly and month-long classes employing our experience and methodology from fourteen years of teaching Spanish with our native professors.
  • Your New Network: By combining our courses, location, and activities, we provide the perfect environment for expats to meet others and to make new friends with like-minded people in the same situation!
  • Courses for Anyone, Anytime: Our courses are thought up specifically for expats who live and work in Buenos Aires, and are perfect for those who don’t have much time and want to learn fast.
DELE Exam Preparation Course

You can take the DELE exam here in Buenos Aires and we can help. The DELE (Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera, or Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is a linguistic proficiency exam that accredits your competency in the Spanish language.

You will need to sign up in advance for your specific language level and we highly recommend at least two to three weeks of DELE Exam Preparation in Buenos Aires before your exam date.

This internationally-recognized accreditation is granted by the Cervantes Institute (Spain). The exam is only offered on specific dates throughout the year and can only be administered by an institution accredited through the Cervantes Institute.

The course for the DELE Exam Preparation in Buenos Aires consists of individual classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specifically designed to ensure you develop the necessary competencies to pass the selected level of the exam (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

SIELE Exam Preparation Course

Students can prepare for the new SIELE Exam, or Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española, at Expanish as well as sit for the exam. The SIELE Exam Preparation Buenos Aires course has private classes for the students and we recommend 3 weeks to fully prepare.

SIELE certifies the degree of proficiency for the Spanish language with four tests: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction, and spoken expression and interaction; the exam also takes as a reference the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

This is a more dynamic exam created by the Cervantes Institute with the assistance associated universities around the world. Unlike the DELE, this exam can be taken at any time and is 100% online so students can sit for the exam at Expanish at the end of their preparation course. The cost of the exam is not included in course fees. Get ready with our SIELE Exam Preparation in Buenos Aires Course.

Business Spanish Classes

Our Business Spanish Course in Buenos Aires consists of 20 hours of regular group classes and 5 individual business Spanish classes per week. The combination of group and individual lessons allows you to improve your language skills in the social environment of a group and then enjoy two days of private lessons in a top-rated Buenos Aires school.

Medical Spanish Classes

If you are studying medicine or looking for a way to advance your career in healthcare, take the course Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires, just made for you!

Student Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Expanish offers several options for Student Accommodation in Buenos Aires during your stay, all with guaranteed comfort, security, WiFi, and authentic environment to experience Argentine culture.

The Student Accommodation in Buenos Aires is varied: you can live with locals, with students, or reserve a private space. Whatever courses you choose from our language school Argentina we promise that our accommodation options are carefully selected and approved by our team. These housing options are all located in pleasant and safe neighborhoods, and are a maximum of 40 minutes away from the school by bus, subway, or walking.

  • Personalized selection and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cultural immersion experience
  • Safe options for living in the city
  • Located in the best neighborhoods

Local Host Families in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The experience in a Homestay in Buenos Aires allows you see first-hand and take part in how everyday locals live, their customs, traditions, and habits. You can stay in a Standard or Comfort Homestay as well as in a Single or Double room (Double option only reserved for two students travelling together).

Living with a local host family in Buenos Aires will allow you to constantly practice your Spanish and quickly learn the language. You will share 2 meals a day with your family and have numerous opportunities to practice Spanish. We highly recomend to choose Homestay in Buenos Aires

Shared Apartment for Students in Buenos Aires, Argentina

In a Shared Apartment in Buenos Aires, you can stay in a single or double room in the apartment of a local host. A double room is only available for two people travelling together. While meals are not included, you will be able to experience the local Argentine lifestyle and have opportunities to practice Spanish with your host.

A Shared Apartment in Buenos Aires is perfect for students who are looking for affordable housing and cultural experience in Argentina. A difference between this option and Homestay is that this option does not include meals.

Apartments for Students in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reserve your stay in a Private Apartment for Students in Buenos Aires and feel at home in Argentina. This provides you with privacy, comfort, and independence in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Whether you are traveling solo or with friends, a Private Apartment for Students in Buenos Aires is great for those who want their own space.