Expanish Barcelona

Expanish Barcelona

We invite you to advance your Spanish skills through a dynamic and interactive learning experience at Expanish by attending our internally accredited School in Argentina or Spain.

With over 12 years of results-driven experience, we guarantee an authentic language experience through a robust blend of cultural immersion activities, real-world interactions, and strengthening of language learning fundamentals in our School.

Expanish School in Barcelona

Expanish is your home away from home, becoming a second family with our local, friendly staff as well as your fellow expat students. We have been providing Spanish language classes and experiences since we were founded in 2006, eager to share our culture with the world.

At Expanish, we are always happy to accompany our students on their adventure of living in a foreign country, teaching them not only the language but also about our own culture as we learn about theirs. We create once-in-a-lifetime intercultural opportunities for students from around the world from our school, which becomes a warm, welcoming home away from home for them.

Our 14 years of experience in the field can also be recognized by our accreditations. Certified by the Cervantes Institute, we have also earned a Star Award and Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. We pride ourselves on providing our students with top-quality services.

Come learn Spanish with your Expanish family!

Learn the language, experience the lifestyle at our Spanish school in Barcelona

At Expanish, we do more than teach a language. We help students connect with each other, broaden their horizons, discover cultures — and have fun in the process!

Our school unites travelers from all over the globe. Every course is fun and dynamic, with activities that prepare you to test your Spanish skills out in the streets of Barcelona.

Sit back in our cozy classrooms and common areas, meet our attentive teachers and friendly students, and rest in one of our many available accommodations.

Learning Spanish in Barcelona can be the start of a new chapter in your life. So get started on your Spanish journey! We’re waiting for you in the heart of Barcelona, close to all the food, architecture, history, and cosmopolitan vibes the city has to offer.

Intensive Spanish in Barcelona

Intensive Spanish 20 Hours

Intensive Spanish 20 is the top choice regarding courses of Intensive Spanish in Barcelona.

By participating in 20 hours of Spanish lessons in Barcelona per week, each day to be filled with exercises and activities which aim to focus on the elements of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

During your Intensive Spanish in Barcelona  courses you are sure to learn in a course with a small teacher to student ratio, a welcoming and encouraging environment, quality textbooks and materials created by our academic staff, a well-rounded structure to advance your Spanish skills quickly, and in-room multimedia for a full, interactive learning experience.

Quick Facts Intensive Spanish 20

  • Number of Courses: 20 group classes per week
  • Class Length: Each class is 50 minutes long
  • Intensive Spanish Program duration: Minimum 1 week
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 1:30pm or 2:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Levels: A1 to C2
  • Class Size: maximum 10
  • Start Dates: Every Monday

What's Included: Welcome Pack, Loan of Study Material by Deposit the First Day of Classes, Immersion Activities, 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Orientation.

Class Dynamics

At Expanish we ensure that the teacher to student ratio is the perfect size for prime learning Spanish. In order to make the most out of your intensive Spanish language program, we ensure that each class is taught by a local, native Spanish Speaking teacher with small class size.  In this way, the teachers can provide individual focus and care on each student’s learning progress as well as provide feedback. We work to ensure that the environment is relaxed and comfortable, for your language learning ease, to enable to you make the most of your intensive Spanish course in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for an even more intensive Spanish immersion program in Spain we recommend you look into Intensive Spanish 30.

Study Plan

The organization of the Intensive Spanish course is influenced by the Cervantes Institute guidelines, while the teaching plans are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our professors, native Spanish speakers use this framework as well as the communicative method, which encourages students to communicate in Spanish during the lessons. In this way, the student will be able to develop the four essential languages skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Through this intensive Spanish course in Barcelona, you will gain all the skills you need to achieve your language learning goals!

Intensive Spanish 30 Hours

Maximize your Spanish acquisition skills in Barcelona with the Intensive Spanish 30 Hours Course, the most comprehensive of all the Intensive Spanish Immersion Programs we offer in Barcelona. The course enforces a practical application approach to master the four major areas of conversation, reading and auditive comprehension, and written communication.

The course consists of 30 hours of group classes per week designed to advance your Spanish level as quickly as possible to help you achieve your language goals. Our dedicated professors are ready to jumpstart your experience with our Intensive Spanish Immersion Programs, so sign up and start your classes any Monday of the year!

Class Dynamics

In this course, during the morning, you will be in the same courses as the students in the Intensive 20 program, which allows you to learn essential grammar, as well as practice the four key language skills with your fellow students. In the afternoon you will have the chance to perfect and enhance what you learned in your morning courses by consolidating the information you have learned by putting it in to practice through games, interactive activities and other real-life situations. This schedule is organized in a way which allows the student to experience a true Spanish immersion program in Spain.

The application of real-life situation and context provides invaluable practice time during your language learning experience. All of the assignments in this course are designed to help you learn through practice with your peers as well as your teacher.

Who Should Take Spanish Immersion Programs?

We recommend our intensive Spanish immersion programs in Barcelona for those who already know some Spanish and want to jump in and advance their language skills in a short amount of time. This course is ideal for students who would like to study in a group and at the same time improve their fluency with the conversation lessons.

The Intensive Spanish 30 Course is a process of true immersion. It is the most intensive course our school offers in Barcelona, Spain. The course is a mixture of our very popular regular group classes but with an additional two lessons of group conversation classes that focus on providing students with practical experience and a focus on speaking in everyday situations.

Spanish for expats in Barcelona

Learn Spanish, the language of your new hometown, at our accredited Spanish school, with classes prepared specifically for you. Sign up for:

  • Academic Excellence: We offer weekly and month-long classes employing our experience and methodology from fourteen years of teaching Spanish with our native professors.
  • Your New Network: We provide the perfect environment for expats to make new friends with like-minded people in the same situation as you!
  • Courses for Anyone, Anytime: Our courses are thought up for expats who live and work in Barcelona: no matter your schedule, we have an option for all needs.
  • Social Activities and Conversation Classes: improve your conversational skills while making new friends with our additional conversation classes and after class activities.
Private Spanish Lessons

Expanish’s Private Spanish Lessons in Barcelona are customized to adapt to the student’s needs. The teacher gives personalized attention and uses materials which cater to the student’s interests and language-learning goals. Class scheduling is flexible.

There are many options to enjoy Private Spanish Lessons in Barcelona in our school. You can choose to take classes when you like or sign up for the Individual 10 or the Individual 20 Lessons Course.

The individual nature of these courses allows you to progress quickly and develop your Spanish language skills with confidence, each session is crafted to your specific needs within the curriculum.

Quick Facts Private Lessons

  • Lessons per Week: minimum 2 - Check out our 10 and 20 lessons packages!
  • Class Length: Flexible, minimum 50 minutes long
  • Schedule: Flexible. Any time from Monday to Friday.
  • Levels: From A1 to C2
  • Class Size: 1
  • Start Dates: Every Monday

What's Included: Welcome Pack, Loan of Study Material by Deposit the First Day of Classes, Immersion Activities, 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Orientation.

Combined: Group & Private Spanish Lessons

When you combine private and group  Spanish Lessons in Barcelona, you will be able to take advantage of the language learning benefits of both individual classes and group lessons.

Combined courses allow you to further personalize your program, to create one that works best for your goals. You can choose between 5 or 10 private classes to accompany your Intensive Spanish 20 course.

In these courses, you will have the opportunity to improve your communication abilities in a group setting, as well as benefit from personalized lesson plans, feedback and attention that you can only find in a one-on-one session with your own personal Spanish tutor in Barcelona.

If you are looking for an intensive schedule and want to advance rapidly as well as effectively through a Spanish-language curriculum, this course is for you.

To gain the fun, interactive and social aspect of group Spanish lessons in Barcelona, as well as additional individual support and attention from a teacher, then the combination of group and private Spanish Lessons in Barcelona is the perfect mix.

Quick Facts Group + Private Lessons

  • Lessons per Week: 20 group classes + 5 or 10 individual classes per week
  • Class Length: each class is 50 minutes
  • Schedule: Group classes on Monday to Friday during the morning. Individual classes are in the afternoon in between 2:30pm and 6:30pm
  • Levels: From A1 to C2
  • Class Size: Group classes are 10 students maximum.
  • Start Dates: Every Monday
Long Term Spanish Courses

Long-Term Programs in Barcelona

Start your Full Immersion Experience in Barcelona!

Spending up to a year studying Spanish in an immersion environment is the most cost-effective and fastest way to become proficient. With a long-term program, you will not only learn Spanish in the classroom but also experience it during your daily lives in Barcelona, making local friends, and exploring everything the city has to offer.

The long-term programs consist of our intensive group Spanish course that is 20 lessons per week for 6, 9 or 12 months. If you need to learn Spanish for university, for a job or to improve your CV, or to just learn a new skill, this is a guaranteed way to meet that goal and to have a life-changing experience in Barcelona.

Each program consists of weeks of Spanish classes together with weeks of vacation to allow you to take a break when you need it or to explore the rest of Spain and travel around Europe. Your great European adventure awaits.

DELE Exam Preparation Course in Barcelona

Whether you want to take the DELE in Spain or in your home country, we want to see you succeed. The DELE (Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera, or Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is a linguistic proficiency examination which accredits your ability in Spanish.

This internationally recognized accreditation is granted by the Cervantes Institute (Spain) and is offered on specific dates throughout the year. It is necessary for you to sign up for the course with a good deal of time in advance, and we highly recommend between two and three weeks of DELE Exam Preparation in Barcelona before your exam date.

The DELE Exam Preparation in Barcelona is composed of individual classes which are designed to assure that you develop the required competencies to pass the exam.

Business Spanish Classes

The Business Spanish course in Barcelona was imagined for business professionals who need the language in order to communicate in their workplace.

You will be exposed to specific vocabulary and idioms from a professional environment, so that at the end of the course you can interact naturally with colleagues and Spanish-speaking clients.

To ensure a solid understanding and internalization of the content, the business Spanish course in Barcelona is divided into two main sections: 20 group Spanish lessons per week and 4 individual classes of business Spanish.

This allows you to take an integral approach to the language while also being able to practice scenarios from the group class, clear specific questions and perfect the language in a personalized way.

Medical Spanish Classes

Are you hoping to advance your career in healthcare? A medical student? Or an experienced doctor, looking for an extra edge and to be able to communicate with more of your patients? Then a course in Medical Spanish in Barcelona is for you!

In this program, you will participate in 20 group Spanish lessons as well as 4 private courses per week. Within the group lessons, the focus will be on general language skills, as the private courses will provide you with medical jargon in Spanish.

In the  Medical Spanish in Barcelona program, you will focus on medical vocabulary within your specific field as well as gain the chance to practice skills related to tasks you will be performing on a daily basis. The practice time and skills will allow you to become comfortable communicating with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues. You will also gain the opportunity to explore the dynamic city of Barcelona while learning a new culture and the nuances of the Spanish language.

Student housing in Barcelona, Spain

Expanish offers Spanish courses in Spain, as well as accommodations for our students in Barcelona. Searching for and booking Student Accommodation in Barcelona can be done directly through Expanish. We offer opportunities to live in an apartment with other students in Barcelona or in a homestay to live the Spanish lifestyle. Our accommodation is located in the best neighborhoods of the city, close to the school, providing the perfect student housing in Barcelona, Spain.

There are many options, meaning you can choose the best accommodation in Barcelona that fits your lifestyle. The rooms are equipped with everything that you will need. Student Accommodation in Barcelona is shared with other students from the school or university students, and sometimes with Spanish locals. As you take Spanish courses in Barcelona, it is essential that you find the perfect student accommodation for your experience, and we want to help you get there.

  • You will be able to personalize your accommodation making satisfaction guaranteed.
  • You will receive a cultural immersion experience
  • All of the options are in safe and secure places in the city
  • All of the accommodations are located in the best neighborhoods of Barcelona

Local Host Families in Barcelona, Spain

The experience in a Homestay in Barcelona allows you First-Hand experience and be a part of everyday life and share in traditions, customs, and habits with your hosts. You can stay in a Standard or Comfort Homestay as well as in a Single or Double room (with the double option reserved for those students travelling together).

Homestay in Barcelona will allow you to consistantly practice your Spanish enabling you to learn the language quickly. You will share breakfast and dinner with your host family, giving you numerous opportunities to practice Spanish.

Share an apartment with a local host

In a Shared Apartment in Barcelona, you can stay in a room with a single or double bed and also have the option of private facilities (limited availability). This is a great, affordable option for those who want to see Spanish culture but need a more independence and it’s a recommended options for people over 30.

This option will give you the chance to share meals, time and conversations with local hosts making your stay at the apartment more enjoyable. In this way, you can get to know more about the city’s culture, architecture, best places to visit, and so much more that you could only know by speaking with a local host.

Share an apartment with other students

All apartments in Barcelona have comfortable furniture that allows students to sit down and chat with their peers about they have learned at Expanish. Students can use communal spaces, such as the living room, dining, kitchen, etc. A shared apartment for students in Barcelona is ideal for those who are looking for affordable housing and a social and cultural experience in Spain.

If you are looking to spend time with others while you’re learning Spanish, this is the option for you. By living with other students you gain the chance to chat about your awesome experiences, get to learn their opinion and maybe even make some new friends along the way. You might even plan trips through Spain together!

Apartments for Students in Barcelona, Spain

Organize a stay in a Private Apartment for Students in Spain so you can create your home away from home as soon as you arrive in Barcelona. A private apartment provides you with independence, comfort and privacy in an excellent location in the city.

If you crave autonomy and the chance for mild seclusion as well as your own space, a Private Apartment for Students in Spain is perfect for you.